The Doors – Stage-Used AKG D-1000 Microphone with Photograph and Impeccable Provenance

An AKG D-1000 microphone, used by The Doors during live concerts and rehearsals, and an original Edmund Teske 11” x 14” photograph of Jim Morrison using an identical microphone (perhaps this exact one.)

Jim Morrison can be seen using an AKG D-1000 in photographs from a few concerts including The Doors’ performances at the Gran Forum in Mexico City in June 1969, and in various photographs taken by Edmund Teske at The Doors Workshop in West Hollywood in 1969.

We acquired this microphone from longtime Doors road manager Vince Treanor III, who built the group’s legendary stage amplification system. Treanor kept this and a number of other Doors microphones for more than 45 years, and in 2014 sold the complete collection to Jeff Gold of Recordmecca.

The following is excerpted from Vince Treanor’s letter of authenticity for the Doors microphones: 

The AKG D-1000 microphones were purchased by me using my own funds from Yale Radio in 1968.05 (May 1968) for drum amplification during Doors performances, replacing the EV-676 units. They have a narrow cardioid pattern and high rear rejection, excluding the sounds from the instrument and vocal amplifiers. On at least one occasion, based on photographic evidence, one AKG D-1000 was used by Jim Morrison in the rehearsal room at 8512 Santa Monica Boulevard.   These were used until 1972.01 (January 1972) in Palm Springs. They were withdrawn from service in 1972.03 (March 1972.)   (After Treanor wrote this letter, we located and sent him photographs of the Mexico City show; he responded “photos don’t lie.”)

In Treanor’s letter and various emails, he explained in detail the provenance of this microphone. Treanor noted the microphones used by The Doors during his tenure were purchased “by me and with my own funds” at Yale Radio in Hollywood, CA. Treanor also owned the mic stands, sound mixers and the telcom (telecommunications) system used by The Doors. When The Doors weren’t working, Treanor occasionally did sound for other acts, and he wanted to be able to use the microphone system on these occasions.

While the AKG D-1000’s were primarily used for drum amplification, photographs show they were used on occasion by Jim Morrison for vocals (it’s impossible to identify which of the AKG’s Morrison used, but all were used regularly by The Doors in concert.) In addition, Treanor used the AKG’s to record various Doors concerts including The Doors: Live In Vancouver 1970, released on the group’s Bright Midnight label (see the scan of the liner notes here, where the AKG’s are mentioned).

Treanor was a consultant to the Oliver Stone film “The Doors,” and lent the production some Doors mics and mic stands, which were used during filming. He has lived in Southeast Asia for many years, but kept his equipment in storage in Los Angeles. When his storage was recently moved, The Doors microphones were located among his other possessions, and sold to Recordmecca.

This is a rare opportunity to obtain a microphone used by The Doors, with impeccable provenance. Included is the original case and clip, a copy of Vince Treanor’s letter of authenticity for all of the Doors microphones, and Recordmecca’s written lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

In excellent working condition, with original case and clip. With an original 11” x 14” Edmund Teske photograph of Jim Morrison using an AKG D-1000. (Note: The first photograph shown is the one included in this sale. The other photographs are shown to illustrate the Doors usage of the AKG microphones.)

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