Bob Dylan – 1976 Promotional “Rolling Thunder Revue” Belt Buckle

A brass plated Rolling Thunder Review belt buckle made by Columbia Records as a promotional item for Bob Dylan’s 1976 live album Hard Rain (recorded during Dylan’s legendary Rolling Thunder …more


$200.00 US

Bob Dylan – Framed, Dylan Owned Alternate “Self Portrait” Side 2 Acetate

An archivally framed 12” acetate of an unreleased sequence for Side 2 of Bob Dylan’s album Self Portrait, previously owned by Dylan and used during the making of that 1970 album. The label of the …more


$3,000.00 US

Buddy Holly – Owned & Worn Shirt with Marina Elena Holly Authentication

A short-sleeved dress shirt owned and worn by music icon Buddy Holly, with full authentication.  We acquired this at the Heritage Auction’s 2010 sale of artifacts from the collection of Buddy Holly’s widow, …more


$4,000.00 US

Prince – Original “Purple Rain” Film Used Clapperboard (from Cinematographer’s collection)

The original Clapperboard used during the filming of Prince’s 1984 classic Purple Rain.  This was given by the late Purple Rain cinematographer Don Thorin to a close friend, from whom we …more


$7,000.00 US

Prince – Original 1989 Batman Mirror Bracelet as Worn in “Batdance” Video

An original custom-made Batman mirrored wristband, made for Prince and nearly identical to the one he wore in the “Batdance” video.  Prince’s former guitar tech, Joel Bernstein, explained to us that a number of …more


$500.00 US

Prince – Owned & Stage Worn Custom Made Tasseled Gloves, With Photo Documentation

From the collection of a former employee of Paisley Park, we are proud to offer a pair of Prince owned and stage worn black tasseled gloves. Prince can be seen wearing these custom-made gloves (with matching …more


$3,000.00 US

Prince – Owned & Worn “Purple Rain” Era Custom Made Pants

A pair of purple grosgrain custom-made pants owned and worn circa 1982-1985 by Prince.  These pants are identical in color and fabric to a jacket Prince wore during a photo session with legendary photographer …more


$20,000.00 US

Prince – Stage Worn “Batman” Mirror Bracelet With 2 Letters of Authenticity, Full Provenance

An original custom-made Batman mirrored wristband, made for Prince and worn by him during concert performances.  We obtained this directly from Prince’s former …more


$2,000.00 US

Rolling Stones – “Exile” Limited Edition Genesis Book, Signed by Photographer Dominique Tarlé

A beautiful example of Dominique Tarle’s long-out-of-print Rolling Stones book Exile, published in a limited edition of only 2000 by Genesis Publications.  Exile documents the Stones recording …more


$3,750.00 US

Scan Jun 16, 2014, 11.46 AM-page27 Sale

Rolling Stones – “Tattoo You” RIAA Platinum Record Award (Floater Style)

An original floater-style RIAA platinum record award for the Rolling Stones 1981 album Tattoo You, presented to former Rolling Stones Records head Art Collins.  Tattoo You, released in August, …more


$3,500.00 $2,000.00 US

Syd Barrett – Mick Rock Signed “Psychedelic Renegades” Limited Edition Genesis Book (Pink Floyd)

A beautiful signed, limited-edition example of photographer Mick Rock’s tribute to Syd Barrett, Psychedelic Renegades, published by Genesis Publications. This highly sought after book is an …more


$450.00 US

102 Sale

Talking Heads – Unreleased 1977 Rough Mix Master Tape With Outtake

A unique Talking Heads collectible–an original 7″ studio reel with unreleased rough mixes of “Uh-Oh Love Comes To Town” and the outtake “I Wish You Wouldn’t Say That” (Unreleased until the 1991 compilation …more


$750.00 $400.00 US

The Beatles – Abbey Road RIAA Gold Record Award Presented To The RIAA (With Full Authentication)

An extraordinary RIAA Gold Record Award for The Beatles Abbey Road, presented on behalf of The Beatles to the RIAA itself–the Recording Industry Association of America (the music business trade …more


$3,750.00 US

The Doors – Stage-Used AKG D-1000 Microphone with Photograph and Impeccable Provenance

An AKG D-1000 microphone, used by The Doors during live concerts and rehearsals, and an original Edmund Teske 11” x 14” photograph of Jim Morrison using an identical microphone (perhaps this exact …more


$3,500.00 US

The Stooges – Iggy Pop Signed “Total Chaos” Limited Edition Book, With Unreleased Single, More

A deluxe, limited-edition copy of the acclaimed new book Total Chaos: The Story of The Stooges/As Told By Iggy Pop, signed by Iggy Pop and author Jeff Gold.

Only 400 copies of the limited edition …more


$250.00 US

Velvet Underground – 1969 MGM Records Promotional Sticker

A very rare Velvet Underground promotional sticker made by MGM Records to promote the band’s 1969 self-titled 3rd album. This comes from the collection of the Velvet’s late guitarist, Sterling Morrison. The …more


$65.00 US SOLD

Velvet Underground – Hardcover 1st Edition “Andy Warhol’s Index Book”

A scarce first edition hardbound copy of Andy Warhol’s Index (Book,) with the holographic cover and including a still-attached Velvet Underground record.  Warhol’s 1967 Index (Book) was an adventurous and …more


$900.00 US

woody guthrie song list 1 - Version 3 Sale

Woody Guthrie – Typed and Handwritten Song List for Songbook

A list of fifty folk and original songs, typed and hand-annotated by Woody Guthrie, presumably for a songbook.  Woody lists 50 favorite songs from his repertoire, including virtually all his …more

$4,500.00 $3,000.00 US