Beach Boys 1961 Debut Single ‘Surfin/Luau’ on X Records

A rare original 1961 pressing of the Beach Boys debut single, ‘Surfin/Luau,’ on X Records.  This is the second–and rarest– of three original pressings that pre-date their signing to Capitol Records. From Discogs: The original issue was Candix 301 in November 1961. The song became a big hit in the southern California region and when […]

Beach Boys – Unreleased Original 1966 “Smile” Album Cover Slick

Here’s an impossibly rare Beach Boys collectible which we’ve never seen before–an original 1966 Capitol Records slick for the Beach Boys unreleased Smile album. This isn’t a latter day reproduction, but an original 1966 slick. We personally acquired this from a longtime music business executive who worked in a high position at Capitol Records, among […]

The Flame (Beach Boys) – Sealed Brother Records LP with Poster

A sealed first pressing of the self-titled 1970 album by South African band The Flame, on the Beach Boys’ Brother Records.  Beach Boy Carl Wilson produced this, the only non-Beach Boys album released on Brother Records.  Ironically, after the album’s release, the band broke up and members Blondie Chaplin and Ricky Fataar joined the Beach […]