Bob Dylan – Original “Freewheelin'” LP With 4 Unreleased Tracks / One Of The Rarest Records In The World

An extremely rare 1963 first pressing of The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, mistakenly mis-pressed with four still-unreleased tracks.  This is one of the rarest and most collectible records in the world.  Approximately 20 to 25 mono copies and two stereo copies are known to exist. A stereo copy sold for $35,000, and a mint mono copy would fetch nearly […]

Bob Dylan – 1962 Promotional Stereo Six-Eye “Bob Dylan” LP

A rare 1962 stereo promotional copy of Bob Dylan’s self-titled debut album, with the earliest Columbia Records ‘six-eye’ labels, and the scarce “A New Star On Columbia Records” round sticker. Columbia changed their record labels to a solid red design a month or two after the release of Dylan’s first album, making the black and […]

Bob Dylan – Rare 1968 US Export “John Wesley Harding” LP

A rare 1968 first pressing of Bob Dylan’s album John Wesley Harding, pressed in the US for export to Europe.  We acquired this copy in Denmark, and have never seen another.  The record labels have a sticker with the CBS Records “eye” logo pasted over the Columbia Records logo, and handwritten matrix numbers, instead of […]

Bob Dylan – Sealed 1st Pressing “Blonde On Blonde,” 2 LP With Claudia Cardinale Photo

A superb Near Mint/Sealed 1st pressing of Bob Dylan’s double LP masterpiece Blonde on Blonde, with the uncensored gatefold cover. During the 1960’s, Columbia records sealed the discs of their releases in clear polyvinyl sleeves with a perforated edge, which when opened served as the album’s innersleeve.  This copy has an open cover, but both […]

Bob Dylan – Original “Freewheelin'” Album With Four Withdrawn Tracks / One of the Rarest Records in the World

A very rare copy of The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, mistakenly mis-pressed with four still-unreleased tracks.  This album is among the rarest and most valuable records in the world.  A stereo copy sold for $35,000, and a mint mono copy would easily fetch $25,000, though one in that condition has never surfaced.  Remarkably we acquired this […]

Bob Dylan – 1968 “Tribute To Woody Guthrie” Concert Program, Schedule Insert (First Show After Motorcycle Crash)

An exceedingly rare program and schedule insert from  “A Musical Tribute To Woody Guthrie” featuring Bob Dylan and many others, which took place at Carnegie Hall in New York on January 20, 1968.  This historic show was Dylan’s first public performance after 18 months of self-imposed seclusion after his motorcycle crash. “A Musical Tribute to […]

Bob Dylan – Dylan Owned Acetate, With Unpublished Lyric Handwritten by Dylan on Sleeve

A Bob Dylan acetate from his personal collection, with an unpublished lyric fragment handwritten by Dylan on the sleeve. This 12″ one-sided acetate features an alternate sequence of Side One of his 1970 album Self Portrait; it was previously owned by Dylan and used during the making of that album.  On the sleeve Dylan has […]

Bob Dylan – Paris Museum Exhibition Poster (Daniel Kramer Photograph)

A poster advertising the 2012 Paris museum exhibition Bob Dylan: L’Explosion Rock ’61-66, held at the Cite de la Musique.  The poster utilizes one of Daniel Kramer’s classic mid-60’s Dylan photographs.  15 3/4″ x 21 1/2″, in Excellent condition.

Bob Dylan – French Mono “Blonde On Blonde” LP, With Unique Mixes, Alternate Album Cover

A beautiful French mono pressing of Dylan’s 1966 masterpiece double album, Blonde On Blonde, with unique to the French issue alternate mixes and a different gatefold sleeve. As the superb Dylan discography website Searching For A Gem notes, “The French release is unique in that the gatefold sleeve has a completely different centre with French […]

Bob Dylan and Robbie Robertson – Vintage “Last Waltz” Photograph by Neal Preston

A rare photograph of Bob Dylan and Robbie Robertson on stage at San Francisco’s Winterland Ballroom during The Last Waltz, The Band’s farewell concert, on November 25, 1976. This photograph was taken by legendary American photographer Neal Preston; his photo credit stamp appears on the back, along with handwritten notations. This vintage print was obtained […]

Bob Dylan – Dylan-Owned Unreleased 10″ Acetate “Alberta” (Unreleased Version)

A 10” acetate of an unreleased, alternate version of Bob Dylan’s “Alberta #2” (titled here “Alberta-Fast”) from his 1970 album Self Portrait.  This acetate was previously owned by Dylan and used during the making of that album.  While this version is the same take as appears on Self Portrait, it is in our opinion superior, […]

Monterey Pop Festival – Concert Program (Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Etc.)

A very rare concert program from the Monterey International Pop Festival, held June 16-18, 1967 at the Monterey Fairgrounds. Monterey Pop was arguably the most important rock festival ever–the seminal rock event of the “Summer of Love”. If you’ve seen the film, you know the story. Jimi Hendrix smashing and burning his guitar in his […]

Bob Dylan – Extremely Rare Signed 1964 Royal Festival Hall Concert Program (From his 1st UK Appearance)

An extremely rare autographed Bob Dylan concert program from his first ever UK performance, at the Royal Festival Hall, London on May 17, 1964.  Dylan boldly signed his photograph on the front cover shortly after his finishing the concert (the signature is 5″ long). The program comes with a letter from the original recipient explaining […]

Bob Dylan – 1961 Handbill From First-Every Dylan Concert, At Carnegie Chapter Hall

An original handbill/program used to advertise Bob Dylan’s first-ever concert, at Carnegie Chapter Hall in New York on November 4, 1961. Billed as Dylan’s “First New York Concert” it was, more accurately, Dylan’s first concert anywhere.  Prior to this show he’d only played club dates and a few guest spots on multi-artist bills.  Dylan arrived […]

Bob Dylan – 1963 “Blowin’ In The Wind/Don’t Think Twice” Single (Rare Near Mint Stock Copy)

A beautiful Near Mint- example of Bob Dylan’s August 1963 single, “Blowin’ In The Wind/Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” on Columbia Records (4-42856).  This is a very rare “stock” copy, intended for commercial sale.  Columbia issued two different and more common promotional versions with white labels, but stock copies like this are by far […]

Bob Dylan – Mint UK 1968 Issue ‘Blonde On Blonde’ LP w/Claudia Cardinale on cover, Mistake Title

A beautiful NM/NM UK Stereo pressing of Bob Dylan’s double album masterpiece Blonde on Blonde.  This CBS Records issue was pressed circa 1968, which can be determined by “Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again” being mistakenly titled “Stuck Inside of Mobile With Thee”, and the publishing being credited to B.Feldman (sometime during […]

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