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Bob Dylan – Vintage 1965 Press Photograph by Daniel Kramer (Albert Grossman Management)

A rare 1965 promotional photograph of Bob Dylan by legendary photographer Daniel Kramer. This press photo was issued by Dylan’s management company, ABGM, run by his manager Albert Grossman.  This example comes from the archives of 16 Magazine, who’s editor, Gloria Stavers was a very early Dylan supporter; a 16 Magazine stamp is on the […]

Bob Dylan & Joan Baez – 1965 Vintage Photograph Published in New Musical Express

A vintage 8″ x 10″ photo of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez on a park bench in London, taken during Dylan’s 1965 UK tour. This print, made near the time the photograph was taken, was reproduced in New Musical Express, and possibly other publications–the notations on the back indicate it was published multiple times.  In […]

Concert For Bangladesh – Leon Russell’s “Stage Band” Satin Jacket / 1971 / George Harrison, Bob Dylan, etc.

A satin jacket from the 1971 Concert For Bangladesh, given to performer Leon Russell. From the prominent role the venue plays in the embroidered design, we assume this was probably commissioned by Madison Square Garden for the concert’s performers.  The front of the jacket is embroidered “Stage Band” and “Leon”.  Russell was part of the […]

Bob Dylan – Extremely Rare 1964 San Francisco Concert Poster

An extremely rare and highly desirable concert poster advertising Bob Dylan’s November 27, 1964 performance at San Francisco’s Masonic Temple–his first ever San Francisco concert. This show took place at a critical time in Dylan’s career; in July, he’d been a headliner at the Newport Folk Festival, and on August 8 he released his fourth […]

Bob Dylan – Original Jim Marshall Photograph From 1964 Newport Folk Festival

An original photograph of Bob Dylan at the 1964 Newport Folk Festival, taken by legendary photographer Jim Marshall.  Dylan is pictured before or after his performance at the Festival’s Topical Song Workshop, on July 24.  To the left of Dylan, wearing a wide brimmed hat, is folksinger Len Chandler, who also appeared.  We have never […]

Bob Dylan – 1962 Stereo “Six-Eye” First Pressing of Debut Album

A stereo first pressing of Bob Dylan’s 1962 debut album, with the ‘six-eye’ Columbia label. Dylan’s first album sold very poorly on release, particularly in Stereo, which was at that time only appealed to the specialist/audiophile market.  Only the very earliest pressings of Dylan’s debut had Columbia’s ‘six-eye’ label, with the record company coincidentally changing […]

Bob Dylan – Previously Unknown 1963 Handbill for 1st Solo Concert, at Town Hall, NYC

A previously unknown and undocumented handbill promoting Bob Dylan’s first-ever solo concert, at New York’s Town Hall on April 12, 1963. Prior to this show, Dylan had only played club dates, multi-artist shows and a single so-called ‘concert’ in a side room at Carnegie Hall that drew about 50 attendees. The Town Hall concert was […]

Bob Dylan – Framed, Dylan Owned Alternate “Self Portrait” Side 2 Acetate

An archivally framed 12” acetate of an unreleased sequence for Side 2 of Bob Dylan’s album Self Portrait, previously owned by Dylan and used during the making of that 1970 album. The label of the acetate lists the song titles including the live version of “Like A Rolling Stone” and has an alternate sequence to […]

Bob Dylan – 2 Dylan-Owned Alternate “New Morning” LP Acetates

Two 12” acetates of an alternate version of Bob Dylan’s 1971 album New Morning, previously owned by Dylan and used during the making of the LP. These one-sided acetates were cut directly from the master tapes, and feature an alternate sequence to the released version. They were part of a collection of Dylan acetates discovered […]

Bob Dylan – 1966 Norfolk, VA Concert Handbill

A beautiful handbill advertising Bob Dylan’s February 12, 1966 concert at the Norfolk, Virginia Municipal Auditorium.  Backed by The Hawks, later to become The Band, this show took place at a pivotal moment in what many consider Dylan’s most creative period. This show was part of a burst of touring that saw Dylan perform throughout […]

Bob Dylan – Ultra Rare 1963 Carnegie Hall Concert Handbill

An extremely rare handbill for Bob Dylan’s October, 1963 concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City. This early show, which took place while Dylan was recording his third album, The Times They Are A-Changin’, was by far the most prestigious concert Dylan had played at that point, and he flew in his parents from […]

Bob Dylan – 1966 Danish Concert Poster/Record Store Promo Piece

A very rare Danish poster/display piece advertising Bob Dylan’s May 1, 1966 concert at Copenhagen’s K-Hallen, and his record catalog. This display piece was sent by CBS Records/Denmark to retailers, with the suggestion they display it in their windows to promote Dylan’s upcoming concert and available records, including his newest album, Highway 61 Revisited. The […]

Bob Dylan – 14″ x 20″ Photograph of Wall Mural Used on “Oh Mercy” Album Cover

A vintage 14″ x 20″ photograph of the complete wall mural used, in part, on the album cover of Bob Dylan’s 1989 album Oh Mercy.  According to Wikipedia, Dylan saw the mural “on a wall of a Chinese restaurant in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen on 9th Avenue and 53rd Street. The artist, Trotsky, who created the […]

Bob Dylan – Unpublished 16″ x 20″ Dressing Room Photograph

A large candid photograph of Bob Dylan playing guitar in what appears to be a dressing room, probably in the late 1970’s.  We obtained this from a former record company executive, and can find no other example of this photograph online, so it’s likely unpublished. 16″ x 20″.  In excellent condition.

Bob Dylan – Possibly Unpublished 16″ x 20″ Photo by Phillip Kamen, circa 1978

A large original photograph of Bob Dylan performing live circa 1978, with either a tear or a perfectly placed drop of perspiration below his eye.  This is beautifully printed, possibly with a high end ink jet art printer, on textured matte art paper.  On the back is a handwritten credit for the photographer, Philip Kamen.  […]

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