Bob Dylan – 1981 Mannheim Germany Concert Poster

A superb oversize first-printing concert poster advertising a show by Bob Dylan in Mannheim, Germany,  July 18, 1981.  Measuring 23 1/2″ x 33 1/2″ this is in mint condition.  The text at the bottom lists ticket outlets.  Very impressive in person.

Bob Dylan – Manchester 1966 “Judas” Concert Ticket & Program

A concert ticket and tour program from Bob Dylan’s historic May 17, 1966 concert at the Manchester Free Trade Hall; the concert at which the legendary (and mis-identified) “Royal Albert Hall” bootleg was recorded (later released as The Bootleg Series, Vol. 4.)  During this concert Dylan was famously heckled by a concertgoer who yelled out […]

Bob Dylan & The Band – Unused 1974 Oakland Concert Ticket

An extremely rare unused full concert ticket for Bob Dylan and The Band’s concert at the Oakland, CA Coliseum at 10:00 PM (there was also a 6:00 PM show.)  This is in near mint condition, with two holes punched in it, marking it as a promotional ticket.  There is a #2 printed in pale red […]

Bob Dylan – Near Mint First Pressing “Blonde on Blonde” LP

A superb Near Mint/Near Mint to Near Mint- first pressing of Bob Dylan’s 2 LP masterpiece, BLONDE ON BLONDE, with the uncensored gatefold cover. This is the cleanest first pressing of this classic album we’ve had in years. The discs look as if they’ve been played no more than two or three times and sound […]

Bob Dylan – Original Jim Marshall Photograph

An original 5″ x 7″ Jim Marshall photograph of Bob Dylan rolling a tire down a Greenwich Village street in 1963.  Marshall snapped only two frames of Dylan rolling this tire, creating one of Marshall’s most enduring images.  This is an original handprinted silver gelatin print, and it’s in spectacular mint condition, with Jim Marshall’s […]

Bob Dylan – Original “Freewheelin'” Album With 4 Withdrawn Tracks

An extremely rare copy of “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” with four tracks not released on the commercial version–Rocks and Gravel, Let Me Die In My Footsteps, Gamblin’ Willie’s Dead Man’s Hand and Talkin’ John Birch Blues.  The original “Freewheelin’” album with the withdrawn tracks is one of the rarest and most valuable records in the […]

Bob Dylan – “Bob Dylan vs. A.J. Weberman” Original Banned LP

An original copy of the banned 1977 album “Bob Dylan Vs. A.J. Weberman: The Historic Confrontation” on Folkways Records.  New Yorker Weberman famously stalked Dylan throughout the 1970’s, confronting him on his doorstep, digging through his garbage, and over-analyzing his lyrics; Rolling Stone magazine called him “the king of all Dylan nuts.”  This album features […]

Bob Dylan – Original Jim Marshall 1965 Photograph

A superb hand printed 8″ x 10″ silver gelatin photograph of Bob Dylan by the legendary Jim Marshall.  Taken during Dylan’s December, 1965 press conference at public television station KQED, this is one of Marshall’s classic images.  The print is in mint condition, with Marshall’s studio stamp and negative number on the reverse.  The late […]

Bob Dylan – Original Don Hunstein 1962 Photograph

A rare original photograph by Don Hunstein of Bob Dylan taken in 1962. Hunstein was Columbia Records’ main staff photographer for 30 years, and photographed many iconic album covers including “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan.” This vintage 8′ x 10′ print was made from the original negative in the mid-‘70’s for a British book on Dylan, […]

Bob Dylan – Joan Baez – Original 1964 Magnum Photograph

A rare original vintage photograph of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, talking in a park while Dylan strums his guitar (printed in the 60’s.) This was taken by an unnamed photographer who was part of the legendary Magnum photographic cooperative, and has a Magnum Paris stamp on the back as well as publication notes and […]

Bob Dylan – Signed Bringing It All Back Home Album

A copy of Bob Dylan's 1965 classic 'Bringing It All Back Home,' signed boldly by Dylan on the front cover. This autograph was obtained by legendary in-person collector Michael Wehrmann, who the New York Times called 'probably the best in the world at what he does.' Wehrmann is famed for his ability to track down […]

Bob Dylan – Signed The Times They Are A-Changin’ Album

Bob Dylan’s 1964 masterpiece ‘The Times They Are A-Changin” album, signed boldly by Dylan on the front cover. This autograph was obtained by legendary in-person collector Michael Wehrmann, who the New York Times called ‘probably the best in the world at what he does.’ Wehrmann is famed for his ability to track down celebrities and […]

Bob Dylan – Huge Signed, Inscribed Renaldo & Clara Poster

A huge and dramatic silkscreened British poster advertising Bob Dylan’s film “Renaldo and Clara” signed “To Paul, Best Wishes, Bob Dylan 9/17/86.” The rare poster measures 29″ x 40″ and the signature and inscription measure 8 1/2″ x 8″–by far the largest Dylan autograph we have ever seen. The poster and signature are extremely impressive […]

Bob Dylan – Signed Newspaper Article With Lyric Quote

A two-page interview with Bob Dylan from the December 2, 1965 issue of the San Francisco Chronicle, autographed by Dylan and inscribed by him ‘The answer’s still blowin’ in the wind ! Bob Dylan, December 1965.’ The article, titled ‘Answers From Bob Dylan’, was syndicated by the Chicago Daily News, and in it Dylan answers […]

Bob Dylan – Authentic Signed 1st Edition Chronicles Vol. 1

An extremely rare authentic signed 1st edition of Bob Dylan’s acclaimed autobiography, ‘Chronicles Volume One.’ This is one of only four genuine signed copies we’ve ever seen, though forgeries abound (we’ve even seen one offered by a well known rare book dealer allegedly obtained at an Dylan in-store signing, something that absolutely never took place.) […]

Bob Dylan / Joan Baez – Original 1965 Concert Poster, by Eric Von Schmidt

A rare and highly sought-after concert poster advertising Bob Dylan and Joan Baez’s February-March 1965 US Tour, with Toulouse-Lautrec inspired artwork by Eric Von Schmidt. This legendary and often reproduced poster is one of the most scarce and collectible concert posters of all time. Von Schmidt, a close friend of Dylan, and a singer-songwriter and […]

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