David Bowie – 1983 Boxing-Style Concert Poster (“Let’s Dance” Tour)

A cardboard boxing-style concert poster for a show on the David Bowie “Let’s Dance” tour, Aug 11th 1983, at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington.   14″ x 22 1/2″, in near mint condition.   David Bowie boxing style posters are rare and this one is a beauty.

David Bowie – Never Distributed Diamond Dogs Poster By Guy Peelleart

A rare never-distributed David Bowie poster, made for his 1974 Diamond Dogs tour.  Designed by Belgian artist Guy Peelleart and commissioned by Bowie’s production/management company Mainman, this probably didn’t make it to market because of the dog’s genitals.  The Diamond Dogs album cover, also designed by Peelleart, originally had the dog’s genitals visible; it was […]

David Bowie – Unreleased “Station To Station” Color Album Cover Slick

An unreleased full-color album cover slick for David Bowie’s 1976 album Station to Station.   Bowie first contemplated using this full color photograph for his album cover, but before releasing it changed his mind and switched to the well known black and white cover.  A small number of color slicks have surfaced over the years.  Album […]

David Bowie – Signed & Framed “Dheadv” Self Portrait

A beautiful framed David Bowie signed lithograph/self portrait titled DHEADV. This is numbered 108/175 and signed by Bowie himself. The print measures 12″ x 15″ and is archival framed to 15 3/4″ x 18″. The title is blindstamped under the image and both print and frame are in Mint condition. With Recordmecca’s lifetime guarantee of […]

David Bowie – Autographed Tin Machine UK 10″ Single “Under The God”

A UK 10″ single of Tin Machine’s “Under The God” beautifully signed “For You, Best Wishes, Bowie ’90.”  Both sleeve and disc are in near mint condition and the signature is absolutely huge, and signed in bold black marker.  With Recordmecca’s written lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

David Bowie – Undocumented 1971 Acoustic Performance and Interview Tapes

Three unique and undocumented cassette tapes of David Bowie singing and being interviewed in February 1971; two while in San Francisco to promote his new album “The Man Who Sold The World.”  We acquired these tapes in the mid 1970’s and have had them in our collection ever since, without ever having made copies.  Remarkably, […]

David Bowie – Original “Dress Cover” Man Who Sold The World LP

An ultra rare UK first pressing of David Bowie’s THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD album on Mercury, with the legendary “dress cover.”  This is an absolutely genuine first pressing with the stamped matrix number disc and textured cover, the misspelled production credit for “Tonny Visconti” (instead of Tony,) and the full uncropped photo of […]

David Bowie – Original Set List and Autograph

An original set list from David Bowie’s August 9, 1990 concert at the Point Depot in Dublin Ireland, and an autographed page from a notepad from Dublin’s Conrad Hilton Hotel.  This show was part of Bowie’s Sound+Vision Tour, which was billed as a greatest hits tour after which Bowie would retire his back catalog of […]

David Bowie – Museum Exhibited 1966 Original Photograph

An extraordinary David Bowie collectible–the actual 1966 print of a very young David Bowie pouring a drink that was exhibited in the 2009 exhibition at London’s National Portrait Gallery “Beatles to Bowie: The 60’s Exposed.” This vintage 1966 print of an image by Cyrus Andrews (who also photographed The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan, […]

David Bowie – Hunky Dory 1971 RCA Test Pressing LP

A very rare 1971 U.S. RCA test pressing of David Bowie’s classic album “Hunky Dory.” This test pressing of Bowie’s RCA debut is in Ex condition, and has the stamper numbers APRS-5947-3S-A1A/APRS-5948-3S-A1A, and appears to be identical to the released version. RCA Bowie test pressings are extremely rare, and this one is a beauty. No […]

Tyrannosaurus Rex – Ultra Rare UK Promo Poster for 1st LP

An ultra rare 1968 UK promotional poster for Tyrannosaurus Rex’s debut album, MY PEOPLE WERE FAIR & HAD SKY IN THEIR HAIR BUT NOW THEY’RE CONTENT TO WEAR STARS ON THEIR BROWS. This poster was made by EMI/Regal Zonophone Records, and features outstanding psychedelic artwork by George Underwood, who created the artwork for this and […]