Frank Sinatra – Huge 1950’s Recording Session Photograph From Capitol Records Studios (20″ x 24″)

A superb 20” x 24” color photograph of Frank Sinatra, taken at a 1950’s recording session at the Capitol Records’ studios in Hollywood.  We acquired this print from former Capitol art director Tommy Steele; the print was made during the 1980’s from the original negative.  Steele has signed the print on the back, noting “From […]

Frank Sinatra – Vintage Photograph by Sid Avery, taken at Capitol Records Studios in 1954

A stunning 11″ x 14″ original photograph of Frank Sinatra during a 1954 recording session at the Capitol Records’ studio in Hollywood. This photograph was taken by the legendary Hollywood photographer Sid Avery, and has his studio stamp, copyright notice, and negative number on the back.  The print is superb and in mint condition.  We […]