Frank Zappa – Signed & Notarized Contract for His Recording Studio, Intercontinental Absurdities Stationery, Etc.

A collection of Frank Zappa memorabilia, including a two page, Zappa-signed and notarized agreement setting up a business involving ‘owning and managing a commercial building and [recording] studio.’ The Certificate of Limited Partnership establishes Wazoo Studios, Ltd. at 5831 Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, which became the home base for Zappa’s production company, Intercontinental Absurdities, Ltd. […]

Frank Zappa & Mothers of Invention – 1966 ‘Freak Out Hot Spots’ Map

An extremely rare 1966 ‘Freak Out Hot Spots’ map designed by Frank Zappa, and advertised for sale in the earliest pressings of The Mothers of Invention’s masterpiece double album, Freak Out! A small advertisement inside the Freak Out! album cover (see image) proclaims PLANNING ON VISITING L.A. THIS SUMMER? Send for your copy of the special […]