Grateful Dead – 1968 “Trip & Ski” Concert Poster / Bob Fried

A beautiful near mint first printing of Bob Fried’s iconic concert poster for a series of Grateful Dead concerts in February, 1968, at the Kings Beach Bowl in Lake Tahoe, California.  This poster, known as Trip & Ski, for obvious reasons, is plate 3.29 in the definitive reference “The Art of Rock”.  This example is […]

Grateful Dead / Moby Grape/ Steve Miller – Mint 1966 Family Dog Concert Poster (FD-40)

A beautiful Mint Condition concert poster advertising 1966 shows at San Francisco’s Avalon Ballroom featuring the Grateful Dead, Moby Grape and the Steve Miller Band (an incredible lineup!)  This psychedelic classic, printed only once, features artwork by the great Victor Moscoso.  It is FD-40 in the Family Dog concert poster series, and often referred to […]

The Who / The Grateful Dead – Mint 1968 Fillmore Concert Poster ( BG-133 ) Signed by Kelley

A superb example of Rick Griffin & Alton Kelley’s classic double-size concert poster advertising a series of concerts at San Francisco’s Fillmore East by The Who (with James Cotton and Magic Sam); Creedence Clearwater Revival (with It’s A Beautiful Day and Albert Collins); the Grateful Dead (with Kaleidoscope and Albert Collins); and Quicksilver Messenger Service […]

Grateful Dead – Huge “Blues For Allah” Promo Poster

  A huge 33″ x 44″ promotional poster issued by Grateful Dead Records in 1975 to promote their albums Blues For Allah, Wake of the Flood and From The Mars Hotel.  This poster is in near mint condition, having been sitting folded in a collection  for nearly 40 years. Other than the original machine folds, […]

Grateful Dead- 1st Album Promo Poster Proof Signed by Mouse & Kelley, And Exhibited at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

A probably unique uncut printer’s proof of Stanley Mouse & Alton Kelley’s promotional poster for the Grateful Dead’s 1967 debut album, signed by Mouse & Kelley, and exhibited at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Dead’s management commissioned Mouse and Kelley to create both the album’s cover and this promotional poster for the […]

Grateful Dead & Jefferson Airplane – “Sore Thumb” Carousel Ballroom Concert Poster

A beautiful first printing of Alton Kelley’s celebrated ‘Sore Thumb’ concert poster, advertising three concerts by the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane, in March 1968.  These shows took place at San Francisco’s Carousel Ballroom, later taken over by Bill Graham and rebranded the Fillmore West. This poster is pictured in the Art of Rock book […]

Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys – Grateful Dead – Band of Gypsys Fillmore East Program

A program for the legendary Jimi Hendrix/Band of Gypsys concerts at New York’s Fillmore East on New Years Eve 1969/70, at which the Hendrix album of the same name was recorded; and shows by the Grateful Dead, Lighthouse and Cold Blood on January 2 & 3, 1970. This great 28 page program features band photos […]

Woodstock – Sealed 1st Pressing 3LP Soundtrack on Cotillion

A factory sealed first pressing copy of the Woodstock soundtrack album, 3 LP’s, in virtually perfect condition, other than tiny dings to bottom corners. The only sealed copy we’ve had in decades.  Rare and spectacular.

Grateful Dead – 1968 “Acid Dropper” Carousel Ballroom Concert Poster

A rare concert poster advertising The Grateful Dead, Chuck Berry and Curley Cook’s Hurdy Gurdy Band at San Francisco’s Carousel Ballroom in March, 1968.  It is popularly known as “Acid Dropper” for obvious reasons. This highly collectible poster was designed by Steven Catron, and is reproduced in the definitive reference book The Art of Rock […]

Monterey Pop Festival – 1967 Program With Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Who, Grateful Dead

An original program sold at the legendary Monterey Pop Festival, Monterey Fairgrounds, June 16-18, 1967.  This perfect bound book is filled with full color ads, illustrations, photographs, and much editorial about the concert from the most important rock festival ever. Full pages are devoted to Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding, Jefferson Airplane, The Who, Simon & […]

Grateful Dead – 1966 Trips Festival /Acid Test Program

An extremely rare San Francisco collectible from the Psychedelic era–an original program from the legendary January, 1966 Trips Fesvial at the Longshoreman’s Hall in San Francisco. This 3 night event was the first true psychedelic event in the bay area, and has been written about extensively. The three nights featured different events, each intended to […]

Acid Test – Grateful Dead – Whatever It Is/SF State Acid Test Handbill

An extremely rare Grateful Dead/Acid Test collectible exhibited at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  This is an 8 1/2″ square handbill for “Whatever It Is”–the 3-day event at San Francisco State College in Sept/Oct 1966, featuring the Acid Test with Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, the Grateful Dead, Mimi Farina, The Only […]

Grateful Dead – Great Society – Mystery Trend – Mime Troupe Appeal III 1966 Handbill

A historic and rare handbill for the San Francisco Mime Troupe benefit concert known as “Appeal III,” held at the Fillmore Auditorium on January 14, 1966. The Mime Troupe had been arrested for performing in San Francisco parks, and their business manager, Bill Graham, organized a series of 3 benefit concerts to pay for their […]


A concert program for Bill Graham Presents “The San Francisco Scene”, a September 1967 concert at the Hollywood Bowl featuring the Grateful Dead, Big Brother and the Holding Company (with Janis Joplin) and the Jefferson Airplane.  This 18 page program features photographs of the Airplane and Dead, a profile of Graham, three pages of editorial […]

Rolling Stone Magazine – Bound Volumes #1 – 7 (Issues #1 – 105)

A rare set of Rolling Stone magazine, issues #1 – 105, bound in a limited edition of seven volumes and gifted by Rolling Stone co-founder Jann Wenner to former Warner Bros. Records president Joe Smith.  Wenner and legendary San Francisco Chronicle music critic Ralph J. Gleason launched Rolling Stone with their debut issue on November […]

Grateful Dead – 1969 “Live Dead” Promotional Store Display

A rare Warner Bros. Records in-store promotional display for the Grateful Dead’s 1969 album Live Dead.  This 12 1/2″ square easel-backed display features the front cover artwork by R.D. Thomas for the Dead’s first-ever live album.  While this resembles an album cover, it’s actually a custom display, sealed on all four sides, a single thickness […]

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