Patti Smith / Herbert Huncke – Signed 1995 Jack Kerouac Festival Event Poster

A signed poster from An Evening of Music and Poetry, featuring Patti Smith and Beat writer and poet Herbert Huncke. This 1995 event was part of the Lowell Celebrates Kerouac festival, in which Jack Kerouac was honored by his hometown, Lowell Mass. Smith and Huncke have each boldly signed the poster across their images, in […]

Patti Smith – Original Handwritten Poem “A Small Entreaty” (For the Dalai Lama)

Patti Smith’s handwritten manuscript for her poem “A Small Entreaty,” written in 1994 “after reading the autobiography of the His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama.”  This poem was issued as a broadside by Hanuman Books in 1995. The manuscript is written neatly by Smith in marker on an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet.  With a […]

Patti Smith – 1979 Poster For Poetry Reading In Lawrence, Kansas

A scarce poster for a poetry reading by Patti Smith on June 2, 1979 at the Off-the-Wall Hall in Lawrence, Kansas.  The reading was scheduled for 4:o0 PM, and later that evening, The Patti Smith Group performed at the Lawrence Opera House.  This reading was presented by James Grauerholz, most famous for being a close […]

Patti Smith – Remarkable 7 Page Handwritten Fan Club Q&A (1977)

Seven pages of Patti Smith’s handwritten responses to questions posed to her by her fan club, and eventually published in The Patti Smith Fan Club Journal in early 1977, a few months after the release of her second album, Radio Ethiopia.  Her fan club, also called Radio Ethiopia, was run by her mother, Beverly Smith. Included are two neatly typed […]

Patti Smith – Original Vintage Photograph by Luciano Viti

A vintage photograph of Patti Smith by Italian photographer Luciano Viti. This 7″ x 9 1/2″ print (image size 5 1/2″ square).  This vintage print was made soon after the image was photographed, and as such is highly collectible.  In Mint condition. Luciano Viti’s photographs have been used as record and book covers by artists, […]

Patti Smith & Television – 1974 CBGB Concert Poster

An extremely rare and early punk poster advertising an August, 1974 series of shows by Patti Smith and Television at the legendary New York City club Max’s Kansas City. This was Television’s earliest lineup, with Richard Hell, Tom Verlaine, Richard Lloyd and Billy Ficca. Smith was backed by Lenny Kaye on guitar and Richard Sohl […]