Pretty Things – 1973 Phil May Handwritten Letter Contemplating His Leaving the Group

A long and evocative handwritten letter, with drawing, sent by Pretty Things co-founder and lead singer Phil May to a Los Angeles-area girl he had dated.  May met Vicky, from whom we obtained this, while the Pretty Things were touring America in support of their 1972 album Freeway Madness.  The band played Hollywood’s Whisky A-G0-Go […]

Pretty Things – Phil May Handwritten Postcard With Psychedelic Drawing (1973)

A handwritten and psychedelically doodled postcard sent by Phil May, lead singer and co-founder of The Pretty Things, to a Los Angeles-area girl he was dating. Postmarked 1973, May writes (his spelling and grammar preserved): Dear Vicky, the delay in my contacting you was confined, stricktly in the writing, as you have been in my […]