Stanley Mouse – 1967 Signed Drawing On “Human Be-In / Gathering Of The Tribes” Poster, Signed by Allen Ginsberg

An original drawing by the legendary Stanley Mouse, on the back of a first printing poster for A Gathering of The Tribes for a Human Be-In.  Mouse has drawn a large and very ornate, almost unreadable FUCK YOU, and below, very clearly, Souvenier of Haight Ashbury (misspelled,) signing it in pencil Mouse (c) 1967 with […]

Monterey Pop Festival – Original Concert Poster – Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Etc.

An original concert poster from the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival.  Monterey Pop was arguably the most important music festival ever, featuring the first US appearance of Jimi Hendrix, as well as Janis Joplin with Big Brother, the Grateful Dead, Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds, The Who, Jefferson Airplane, Otis Redding and so many more.  This is […]

Jefferson Airplane – Quicksilver Messenger Service – First Printing BG-48 Fillmore Poster

A beautiful first (and only) printing of BG-48, the poster advertising Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Dino Valenti at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco in February, 1967; in near mint condition. Designed by Wes Wilson, the inventor of the psychedelic concert poster, this is an original pre-concert printing, designated by Eric King in […]

Grateful Dead – Quicksilver – Big Brother – Love – BG-14 First Print Fillmore Poster

A beautiful Excellent condition first printing of BG-14, the poster advertising a series of concerts with the Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Great Society (with Grace Slick, before she joined the Jefferson Airplane,) Charlatans, Love and Sopwith Camel at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco. This has got to […]

Monterey Pop Festival – Notes For The Friendly Media Press Handout

From the collection of the late Ralph J. Gleason, here is a 3 page handout from the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival, titled “Notes for the Friendly Media.” Written by Beatles press agent Derek Taylor, who ran the press relations at Monterey Pop, these instructions were given to reporters, and contains all the do’s and dont’s […]