Beach Boys – 8 Original “Smile” Acetates from the collection of Van Dyke Parks

A collection of eight original acetates from the Beach Boys’ unfinished album Smile; from the collection of Van Dyke Parks, Brian Wilson’s collaborator on the project.  We acquired these unique discs from Durrie Parks, Van Dyke’s ex wife (Van Dyke and Durrie lived at Brian Wilson’s house during the recording of Smile.)  Smile is the […]

Rolling Stone Magazine – Bound Volumes #1 – 7 (Issues #1 – 105)

A rare set of Rolling Stone magazine, issues #1 – 105, bound in a limited edition of seven volumes and gifted by Rolling Stone co-founder Jann Wenner to former Warner Bros. Records president Joe Smith.  Wenner and legendary San Francisco Chronicle music critic Ralph J. Gleason launched Rolling Stone with their debut issue on November […]

Beach Boys – Dennis Wilson Concert Used Drumsticks

An extremely rare pair of Dennis Wilson’s custom drumsticks, used by Wilson during a Beach Boys concert in 1982.  These are Wilson’s Pro-Mark “Rock-747” drumsticks, which were never sold to the public (and not to be confused with the limited-edition commemorative sticks Pro-Mark’s made after Dennis’ passing in 1983.) These sticks were used by Wilson […]