The Beatles – John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Signed Photograph by Bob Gruen

An outstanding original signed photograph of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, taken by noted photographer and Lennon friend Bob Gruen. According to the letter of authenticity from Frank Caiazzo, the world’s foremost authority on Beatles handwriting, the photograph and autographs (in thick black marker) date from early 1973, and the signatures are “excellent, bold and […]

The Beatles – Ringo Starr – Original A Hard Day’s Night Photograph

A striking 16″ x 20″ photograph of Ringo Starr of The Beatles confronting a sandwich, taken on the set of “A Hard Day’s Night” and printed in 1982 from the original negative. Well known record executive Jeff Ayeroff was hired by producer Walter Shenson to create the visuals for the 1982 re-release of The Beatles […]

The Beatles – N. Mint Second State Butcher Cover With Full Shrink

A beautiful second state Beatles Yesterday and Today “Butcher Cover” album in Near Mint condition, with full shrink wrap. This copy, the nicest we’ve ever had, is very close to perfect, with beautiful square corners and no flaws at all; only some very light aging near the mouth and spine (as most every copy has.) […]

The Beatles – 1964 French A Hard Day’s Night Movie Poster

An original 1964 movie poster for the French version of “A Hard Day’s Night” (titled in France “4 Garcons Dans Le Vent,” or “4 Boys In The Wind.) This 15″ x 23 1/2” poster has been archivally rice paper backed (an entirely reversible process) and looks great–there are a few minor edge chips, barely visible […]

The Beatles – Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers – German My Bonnie Picture Sleeve Single

An original 1962 German pressing of “My Bonnie/The Saints” by Tony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers, the first-ever appearance of the Beatles on record anywhere in the world ! “The Beatles” was close to German slang for “peedles” (German for the male member) and so Polydor (the label) asked for the name change. This is […]

The Beatles – Original 1961 Aldershot Photograph

An original vintage photograph of The Beatles performing their legendary show at the Palais Ballroom, Aldershot for an audience of only 18 people. This gig, on December 9, 1961, has become part of Beatles folklore. Sam Leach, who aspired to manage the band, promoted this show–however it wasn’t properly advertised. In a mixup, the local […]

The Beatles – George Harrison – Signed Cloud Nine Promotional Poster

A large and beautifully signed promotional poster for George Harrison’s 1987 ‘comeback’ album, ‘Cloud Nine.’ The oversize autographed poster measures 23 ½’ x 39′, and has been archivally framed to 30′ x 45′. The signature reads ‘To Bill, George Harrsion;’ and was signed for an employee at Harrison’s label, Warner Bros. Records (from whom we […]

The Beatles & Tony Sheridan – Meet The Beat 10 German Album

A superb mint German first pressing of ‘Meet The Beat,’ the 1965 album by Tony Sheridan with The Beatles and The Beat Brothers. This 10′ album was issued in only in Germany by Polydor and record club Club Sonderauflage in a limited edition, and features three of the Beatles earliest recordings, backing British singer Tony […]

The Beatles – BBC Transcription Service “Sergeant Peppers” 2 LP Tribute

A rare 1988 BBC Transcription Service Beatles 2 LP set titled “Profile Sergeant Pepper: A Splended Time Was Guaranteed For All” featuring a 3 sided tribute to the Beatles most celebrated album. In addition to the obligatory medley of tracks from ‘Sgt. Peppers’ this set includes interviews with Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and Ringo Starr, […]

The Beatles – 1963 4th Pressing Please Please Me LP

A rare 1963 mono original pressing of The Beatles debut album, “Please Please Me” with the 4th variant label (without the “Recording First Published” and “Sold in the UK” text.) This version is extremely scarce and desirable and this is a beautiful example. The playing surface of the disc looks virtually mint, but there are […]

The Beatles – Splatter Vinyl On Stage In Japan LP

A beautiful, possibly unplayed splattered vinyl copy of The Beatles “On Stage In Japan: The 1966 Tour” on Mushroom Records. This rare blue/black/white/red vinyl LP is in perfect mint condition, with no signs of ever having been played–fully intact shrink wrap, not even a single spindle mark–just stunning. Recorded live July 2, 1966 at the […]

The Beatles – Vintage Ringo/George 1962 Photograph

An extremely rare vintage photograph of Ringo Starr (then a member of Rory Storm & The Hurricanes) giving Beatle George Harrison a drum lesson at the Tower Ballroom, New Brighton, England on Sept. 14, 1962. This was taken during the preparations for “Operation Big Beat,” a concert featuring the Beatles, Hurricanes, Gerry & The Pacemakers […]

The Beatles – Original 1965 Japan Help! Movie Poster

A rare, original 1965 Japanese movie poster for The Beatles film “Help !” Featuring unique artwork, this 20″ x 28 1/2″ poster is in virtually mint condition, never having been used. The photo says it all–a spectacular poster in unbeatable condition.

The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Fan Club Promo Poster

A superb color promo poster for The Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album, issued by The Beatles Official Fan Club in “Summer, 1967.” Measuring 20″ x 28″, the poster features “The Beatle Bulletin” on the reverse, including a track by track breakdown of the album, titled “Programme of the Sgt. Pepper Show,” as […]

The Beatles – UK Mono 1st Pressing A Hard Day’s Night LP

A NM-/NM UK Mono first pressing of the Beatles first masterpiece, the soundtrack to “A Hard Day’s Night” on Parlophone. The cover here is clean and shiny, as is the disc, which has -3N-1-RPG and -3N/5 9/RPP stampers. A super copy of a true classic album.

John Lennon – Beatles – Alternate Unreleased UK Imagine 12 Acetate

A 12′ UK Apple acetate of alternate versions of songs from John Lennon’s album, ‘Imagine.’ This one-sided disc features 4 unreleased early versions of Lennon songs, before they were overdubbed, sweetened and mixed by Phil Spector. Lennon recorded the basic tracks for ‘Imagine’ in his home studio, Ascot Sound, in Tittenhurst Park, England. Extensive footage […]

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