Jim Morrison (The Doors) & Van Morrison (Them) – 11″ x 14″ Photograph From 1966 Whisky-A-Go-Go Jam Session

An original 11″ x 14″ photograph of the Doors’ Jim Morrison with Van Morrison, then of the band Them, at the Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood in 1966 . This photograph was taken by the club’s in-house photographer George Rodriguez, and this print was made from the original negative and is in mint condition. […]

Van Morrison – Vintage Photograph by Adrian Boot

A vintage photograph of Van Morrison by Adrian Boot.  This is an original hand-printed photograph, made from the original negative and printed probably sometime in the 70’s or 80’s. This photograph was taken by British photographer Adrian Boot for the Retna Pictures stock photo agency; his photo credit is on the back with stamps from Retna, which licensed photographs […]

Van Morrison – 1968 Sealed Mint 1st Pressing “Astral Weeks” LP

A beautiful factory sealed first pressing of Van Morrison’s career highlight album, Astral Weeks.  This 1968 masterpiece is highly sought after, and it’s near impossible to find a sealed first pressing (only the green label first pressings have the W7 logo printed at the top of the back cover). This example is in spectacular condition, […]

Them (Van Morrison) & Love – 1966 Bay Area Boxing-Style Concert Poster

An extraordinary boxing-style concert poster advertising a show by Them (with Van Morrison,) Love, Ian Whitcomb, William Penn & His Pals and The Weeds at the Santa Rosa, California Veteran’s Building, on September 4, 1966. This is one of the most appealing 1960’s posters we’ve seen, for a number of reasons.  First, the design is […]

Van Morrison – Master Tape of Unreleased 1975 Studio Album (9 Completely Uncirculated Studio Tracks)

An impossibly rare master tape of rough-mixes for Van Morrison’s legendary unreleased 1975 studio album.  In the 42 years since these recordings were made, no copies have surfaced and the music remains completely unknown. Morrison released no albums between 1974’s Veedon Fleece and 1977 A Period of Transition.   Explaining his three year absence in […]

Van Morrison & Them – 1965 Band-Signed Autograph Book Page (with Lifetime Guarantee)

A page from an autograph book signed by the classic lineup of Them–Van Morrison (who has added the band name above his signature), Billy Harrison, Alan Henderson and John McAuley.  According to a notation on the page, these autographs were obtained at the English television show Gadzooks! on April 19, 1965–a mere six weeks after […]

The Doors & Them – Original Photograph of Jim Morrison/Van Morrison Jam at Whisky-A-Go-Go

An original 11″ x 14″ photograph of Doors frontman Jim Morrison jamming with Van Morrison at the Whiskey a Go Go in Hollywood in 1966. This photograph was taken by the Whiskey in house photographer George Rodriguez. This print was made from the original negative and is in mint condition. The Doors played on a […]

Velvet Underground, Van Morrison – 1969 Hilltop Pop Festival (New Hampshire) Concert Poster

An extremely rare concert poster advertising the August, 1969 Hilltop Pop Festival in Mason, New Hampshire—as noted below the ticket details, a benefit for the Mason Volunteer Fire Department! This show featured the Velvet Underground (there’s a fantastic bootleg of this performance) alongside the great Van Morrison, and a number of other groups/artist of lesser […]

Van Morrison – Signed UK 1st Press “Astral Weeks” 1968 LP

A boldly signed UK first pressing of Van Morrison’s 1968 masterpiece Astral Weeks on Warner Bros. Records.  UK orange-label first pressings (with the laminated front cover and rear flipbacks) are highly sought after, and have sold for more than $1000 in mint condition.  This example, signed in black Sharpie on the front cover, is in […]

Van Morrison – “Warm Love” Acetate (From “Hard Nose The Highway” Album)

A rare 10″ acetate of Van Morrison’s “Warm Love”, the top 40 single from his acclaimed 1973 album Hard Nose The Highway.  This 45 rpm acetate was made by Warner Bros Music, who administered Van’s publishing company Caledonia Soul Music.  Acetates like this were made to send to other artists, in an effort to generate […]

The Kinks & Van Morrison – Rare Warner Bros. Promo “Radio Spot” 45

A very rare 1970 promotional Warner Bros. Records 45, with a radio spot advertising The Kinks album Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One and Van Morrison’s album His Band and the Street Choir.  The spot is 60 seconds long, in stereo, and appears on both sides.  The music bed is two songs by […]

The Band, Bob Dylan – Original “Last Waltz” Concert Poster (Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Joni Mitchell, etc.)

A beautiful first printing concert poster advertising the Thanksgiving, 1976 farewell show by The Band, The Last Waltz.  This historic concert, at San Francisco’s Winterland Auditorium, featured The Band’s invited guests, including Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Stephen Stills, Muddy Waters, Dr. John, Ringo Starr, Ronnie Hawkins, and Neil Diamond.  […]

The Beatles & Rolling Stones – Concert Program For One of a Very Few Shows With Both on the Same Bill

A rare program for the 1964-1965 New Music Express Poll Winners All-Star Concert, held April 11, 1965 at the Empire Pool, Wembley, London.  Remarkably, the Beatles and Stones only performed on the same bill a handfull of times. NME was one of the most important music papers in England, and both bands were in their […]

The Doors & Them (with Van Morrison) – Original Photograph of Doors/Them Whisky-A-Go-Go Jam Session

An original 11″ x 14″ photograph of Doors frontman Jim Morrison jamming with Van Morrison and his bandmate from the band Them at the Whiskey a Go Go in Hollywood, in 1966. This photograph was taken by the Whiskey in house photographer George Rodriguez. This is a hand printed photograph, 11″ x 14″ and in […]

Rolling Stone Magazine – Bound Volumes #1 – 7 (Issues #1 – 105)

A rare set of Rolling Stone magazine, issues #1 – 105, bound in a limited edition of seven volumes and gifted by Rolling Stone co-founder Jann Wenner to former Warner Bros. Records president Joe Smith.  Wenner and legendary San Francisco Chronicle music critic Ralph J. Gleason launched Rolling Stone with their debut issue on November […]