Velvet Underground – A Drug Hit Sally Inside

Picture disc, Boston Tea Party 3/15/69 “Guitar Amptape”. Vocals almost unheard except for “Jesus” mic must have been in front of guitar amp but very interesting stuff– almost like listening to backing tracks.

Nico – Rare 1979 Concert Handbill & Autograph / Velvet Underground

A rare signed and inscribed sheet of paper autographed by Nico in 1979 (4 1/4″ x 7″), and a handbill for Nico’s 1977 appearance at San Francisco’s Mabuhay Gardens. Nico hadn’t played live in many years when she played Mabuhay and a limited number of other shows; two years later she played Los Angeles’ Whiskey-A-Go-Go, […]

Velvet Underground – Sterling Morrison High School Award Certificate

Velvet Underground guitarist Sterling Morrison’s Varsity Track “Certificate of Award” presented to him in 1958-1959 by the  Levittown (New York) Division Avenue High School.  Who knew that in addition to being a legendary guitarist Morrison was an athelete of note ?   We obtained this from the late Morrison’s widow, Martha Morrison; it was part […]

Velvet Underground – Sterling Morrison Owned Velvets Bootleg Album

Velvet Underground guitarist Sterling Morrison’s personal copy of the bootleg album “Velvet Underground 1966.” The late, great Morrison famously collected Velvets memorabilia and records, and this was part of his collection. It’s in NM/EX condition, with full shrink wrap. Included is a signed letter of provenance from Sterling Morrison’s widow, Martha Morrision, stating in part […]

Velvet Underground – White Light Launch Party Handbill From Sterling Morrison Archive

An extremely rare handbill for a 1968 Velvet Underground show and “the unveiling of the new album–White Light/White Heat with Andy Warhol, movies and dance.” This was the launch party for the Velvets 2nd album at the Aardvark Cinematheque in Chicago, taking place the week the album was released. This handbill comes from the collection […]

Velvet Underground – Ultra Rare Alternate BG-8 Handbill

An extremely rare alternate one-sided handbill for The Velvet Underground at the Fillmore Auditorium in 1966. While Fillmore poster collectors know and love the classic BG-8 handbill, this alternate handbill with a review of the Velvets from the Los Angeles Times is very little known, and was just recently added to Eric King’s comprehensive guide […]

Velvet Underground – Sterling Morrison Owned Handbill

A rare handbill advertising a series of March, 1969 shows at the Boston Tea Party by the Velvet Underground and Wilkinson’s Tricycle. This handbill is from the collection of the Velvets’ late, great guitarist, Sterling Morrison, who famously collected Velvets memorabilia while on tour. It measures 8 1/2″ x 11″ and is in very good […]

Velvet Underground – Unique Trial Proof Van Hamersveld Lithograph

A signed, limited edition silkscreen of John Van Hamersveld’s classic Velvet Underground concert poster. Van Hamersveld originally created this artwork in 1968 for a poster to advertise a concert by the Velvet Underground and Chambers Brothers at LA’s Shrine Auditorium. In the 1980’s he produced a signed, numbered limited edition of this artwork with LA […]

Velvet Underground – Sterling Morrison 1970 Handwritten Setlist

An original Velvet Underground set list in Sterling Morrison’s hand, from a show at the Quiet Knight in Chicago, sometime between January 15-21, 1970 (written on the back of a form from a long defunct Chicago accounting firm.) Only a handful of Velvet Underground set lists have survived, all of which were preserved by the […]

Velvet Underground – Undocumented 1970 Concert Poster

A previously unknown and undocumented 1970 Velvet Underground concert poster from the Unicorn club in Boston. This poster comes from the collection of the late, great Velvet Underground guitarist Sterling Morrison; we obtained it directly from Morrison’s widow, Martha, who has written a letter of authenticity stating that it was part of her husband’s collection. […]

Velvet Underground – Framed 1969 Vulcan Gas Company Handbill

A custom framed original handbill from the Velvet Underground’s October, 1969 series of shows at the Vulcan Gas Company in Austin, Texas. The bold artwork for this handbill shows a velvet lined coffin, underground—quite literal. In mint condition, this measures 8 1/2″ x 10 3/4″ and is framed to 11 7/8′ x 14 3/8′. Frame […]

Velvet Underground – Sterling Morrison Signed Max’s Kansas City Charge Receipt

An original Max’s Kansas City “charge record” signed by the late Velvet Underground guitarist Sterling Morrison (who also wrote his name and address at top.) Sterling and the Velvets were frequent customers at Max’s, where the band played their last series of concerts with Lou Reed in September 1970 (their “Live At Max’s Kansas City” […]

Velvet Underground – 1969 MGM Records Promotional Sticker

A very rare Velvet Underground promotional sticker made by MGM Records to promote the band’s 1969 self-titled 3rd album. This comes from the collection of the Velvet’s late guitarist, Sterling Morrison. The sticker measures 1 1/2″ x 10″ and is in mint condition, with the backing fully intact. Prior to the recent discovery of a […]

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