Bob Dylan and the Great White Wonder

I love little ephemeral pieces of paper that look like nothing important, but that chronicle a historic moment–in this case, one where there was no turning back. Here’s an article torn from the October 26, 1969 issue of the New York Times, about a “bootleg Bob Dylan record with an unmarked white cover and blank […]

Dylan, The Beatles and Al Aronowitz

Al who ? Al Aronowitz, that’s who. Aronowitz was a critic for many New York and national newspapers and magazines, and at the center of so many scenes in the 60’s. He was the first manager of the Velvet Underground. He famously introduced The Beatles to Bob Dylan (and brought the joint to their meeting […]

Virtual Museum: The late, great Brian Jones

Happy new year everyone ! Sorry I’ve been slow on the posts, but here are some photos that will hopefully make up for it. These are one-of-a-kind Polaroids of the Rolling Stones and their founder, Brian Jones, that came from the collection of Linda Keith. Linda Keith was a girlfriend of both Jones and Keith […]

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

As the year comes to an end, I thought I’d write about a couple of my favorite musical moments from the past 12 months. First, “Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon,” the new album from Devendra Banhart. For my money, Devendra is quite simply the most interesting young artist making music today. His previous album, “Cripple […]

Virtual Museum: Sex Pistols original GOD SAVE THE QUEEN lyrics

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in some time–it’s been crazy around here–so to make up for it, I tried to pick something really interesting for this installment of the virtual museum. These are Johnny Rotten’s (John Lydon) original handwritten lyrics for the Sex Pistols classic “God Save The Queen.” These had been on exhibit at […]

We’ve removed the post we previously had here–but the item can still be found at Recordmecca. Visit our rare record & music collectibles website Recordmecca

Virtual Museum: Bob Dylan’s Early Influences

Here’s a fascinating touchstone in the Bob Dylan story–Bonnie Beecher’s personal copy of the 10″ Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee album “Get On Board” on Folkways. This was one of the records Beecher played for her paramour, Bob Zimmerman in 1960. As documented in Clinton Heylin’s book “Behind The Shades Revisited,” Beecher was “Dylan’s original […]

Velvet Underground Set List

I’ve always loved set lists–those ephemeral pieces of paper with a list of the songs to be played at a particular concert, usually written out by an artist or band member before the show. These days, they’re often typed out on a computer, printed out, and taped on the ground in front of each band […]

BOB DYLAN IN 1964: Over, “but at least he wrote five or six great songs while he lasted”

Here’s something that truly qualifies as American history–a letter from Sis Cunningham, founder of folk song magazine BROADSIDE, to Ralph J. Gleason, legendary music critic, dated November 5, 1964. In it, Cunningham responds to questions Gleason has asked about the origins of the topical song movement. Cunningham also relates the most recent Dylan news, and […]

Mystery Solved ! Why “Bob Dylan In Concert” wasn’t released

(click on the image above to enlarge) As Dylan fanatics know, in 1964 Columbia Records planned to release a live album titled “Bob Dylan In Concert” (see July 28 post here for more on this mythic LP.) For reasons previously unknown, the album was pulled from Columbia’s schedule and remains unreleased. Recently I’ve had the […]

Counterfeit UK Osiris/Hapshash Posters

(click on photo to enlarge) One area I’ve been researching extensively is the UK concert posters made in the 1960’s by Osiris, especially those designed by Hapshash & The Coloured Coat (Michael English and Nigel Weymouth.) A few years back “newly discovered” copies of some of these came to the market in significant numbers—one story […]

My weird wild world

Though I’m in my 36th year of collecting records and music memorabilia, the subject still fascinates me and occupies most of my waking hours (ok, some of that is because of my website, Recordmecca, where I sell high-end rare records and music memorabilia– but I still spend altogether too much time thinking about this stuff […]

“Bob Dylan In Concert” acetates

(click on photos to enlarge) If you know me, you may know of my passion for collecting Bob Dylan stuff. I’ll be featuring many interesting Dylan collectibles in this space in the coming months– so I thought it only fitting to start off with something truly rare from Dylan –two original acetates of the unreleased […]

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