Aphrodite’s Child – “666” Greek 1st Pressing Vertigo Double LP, W/ Unique Alternate Versions of Songs

A beautiful NM/NM Greek first pressing of Aphrodite’s Child’s 666 on Vertigo Records.As detailed on the Vangelis Collector website, this is a rare and unique version with alternate versions of songs from this psychedelic classic that appear nowhere else in the world.

From the Vangelis Collector website here is a breakdown of the differences on this unique version:
In Greece, as far as I can tell, [666] has been released twice.  The first time was in 1974 and the second in the 90s.  It has never been released there on the famous white Vertigo swirl inner label, only on the Roger Dean Vertigo spaceship label… I have now done an exhaustive comparison of the two albums, track by track, and there are some very interesting differences between the Greek version and the versions everywhere else (yes, I listened to all the copies I had from everywhere else…). Here’s the breakdown based on my own timings and not simply following what was printed on the labels:

The System / The Greek issue has clearer timpani percussion at the end of the track.

Babylon / The crowd goes mad for an extra 10 seconds at the end of the track on the Greek issue!

Loud, Loud, Loud / There is no fade-out or overlapping effects into the next track, “The Four Horsemen”, on the Greek issue.

The Four Horsemen / As there was no fade-in from the previous track, the introduction is clearer and longer on the Greek version. Again, there is no fade-out or overlapping effects into the next track, “The Lamb”.
The Lamb / A clear introduction to the track, extending by a few seconds, on the Greek version.

The Battle of the Locust / Unbelievable, two additional stanzas of Angel Koulouris riffing on his guitar like Hendrix on the Greek issue! Plus, there is more awesome percussion by Lucas Sideras. This version totally rocks and it is a shame that Koulouris’ solo is cut back everywhere else in the world! This track has always been a stand-out for many fans.

Seven Trumpets / There is no fade-out or overlapping of this track into the next track, “Altamont”, on the Greek issue.
Altamont / On the Greek issue, “Altamont” starts with the spoken phrase, “This is the sight we had one day up on the high mountain”, then the music starts. There is no fade out or overlapping into the next track, “The Wedding of the Lamb”. Indeed, the ending of “Altamont” is extended and more defined, with continued singing and instrumentation, with a very distinct ending.

The Wedding of the Lamb / The Greek issue has an extended fade-in to begin the track.

Hic et Nunc / For me, the HIGHLIGHT of the Greek issue! The version is extended. When Vangelis begins his playful piano solo after the minute mark, there is no overlapping of “The System”, and the solo is heard clearly, plus it is extended! Better yet, the ending of the track is also extended: more Vangelis piano, more Koulouris guitar, more repeating of the horn section, and finally, the piano playing goes crazy, the crowd cheers like mad, and then “The System” is reprised, much more sinister sounding at the end!!!!
Break / The exclamation of “Do It” is missing from the Greek issue.

The laminated gatefold sleeve on this unbeatable copy is in stunning Near Mint condition, and the discs are both extremely clean Near Mint and have probably been played no more than three or four times, and carefully at that.  The only Greek copy we’ve seen of this rare classic.

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