Bob Dylan – Handwritten Rehearsal Set List

A very unusual Bob Dylan handwritten set list, likely made for a tour rehearsal, in ink, marker and pencil, with extensive chord notations. This list was obviously written over a period of time, with Dylan formulating his thoughts about songs he wanted to play. The first third is printed in black and blue ballpoint pen; the second section combines handwriting and printing, and is written in blue felt tip; and the final part is entirely handwritten in pencil. Also unusual is the extensive annotation with Dylan noting the chords for most songs. Every other Dylan set list we’ve seen is simply a list of songs written at one time, with perhaps one or two songs with chord notations. This is the by far the most unusual one we’ve ever seen, and gives great insight into his creative process. Recordmecca’s Jeff Gold is a well known Dylan expert and was a curatorial consultant and major lender to the traveling museum exhibition “Bob Dylan’s American Journey: 1956-1966.” He is a recognized expert on Dylan’s handwriting, and this comes with his written, lifetime guarantee of authenticity. (Note: Dylan’s handwriting is erratic at best, often veering from handwriting to printing and back again. As you can see from this rare artifact, even over a short period of time, it can look as if it was written by different people. But this is absolutely all Dylan’s handwriting.)

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