Bob Dylan – Signed Nashville Skyline album

A Bob Dylan beautifully signed copy of his classic album NASHVILLE SKYLINE. Yes, there are many "signed" Dylan albums on Ebay every week for a lot less–but rest assured, 99.9% of them are FAKE. Unfortunately, there's no other word for it. Some are poor imitations, some are excellent forgeries–but virtually all of them are bogus. Dylan is a notoriously difficult autograph to obtain. When I met him in the mid 70's, he wouldn't sign for me, but happily chatted with me for 10 minutes or so. When we parted I asked him again–and he again (nicely) refused. Fortunately, in the years since I've been able to buy some authentic signed items–but they are few and far between. I have decades of experience as a Dylan collector and dealer , and worked as a curatorial consultant (and was a major lender) on the exhibit "Bob Dylan's American Journey" at Seattle's EXPERIENCE MUSIC PROJECT, which will be travelling next year to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, and then the Morgan Library in NY and then the Smithsonian Institution. This boldly signed copy of NASHVILLE SKYLINE is the first signed Dylan album I've ever offered on my website; it's in near mint condition and the signature is a "10." I obtained it in a trade with another major Dylan collector (also a major lender to the "Bob Dylan's American Journey" exhibit.) As with everything I sell, it is guaranteed authentic with no time limit, in writing.

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