Bob Marley – Important Music Publishing Contract / Signed Twice, as Robert Marley and Bob Marley

The signature page from an important Bob Marley’s music publishing contract, signed by the Reggae legend twice, once as Robert Marley, President of Bob Marley Music Ltd., and once as Bob Marley, songwriter.

This 1976 contract was of great importance to Marley.  He’s recently released Rastaman Vibration, his first album to reach the Top 10 in the Billboard 200 chart, which featured his most popular US single ever, “Roots, Rock, Reggae.”

However, he’d come to regret the music publishing deal he’d signed with Cayman Music, owned by his former manager Danny Sims and singer Johnny Nash.

Wikipedia explains: “Although [Rastaman Vibration’s] liner notes list multiple songwriters, including family friends and band members, all songs were written by Marley. Marley was involved in a contractual dispute at the time with his former publishing company, Cayman Music. Marley had not wanted his new songs to be associated with Cayman and it was speculated, including in his obituary in The Independent, that he had put them in the names of his friends and family members as a means of avoiding the contractual restrictions and to provide lasting help to family and close friends.”

This contract, with music publisher Almo Music (owned by A&M Records founders Herb Alpert & Jerry Moss,) gave Marley a way out.  Signed sometime in 1976, it notes the Cayman Music Ltd. contract will expire “at the close of business on October 10, 1976.  It is the intention that this agreement shall commence immediately on the expiration or valid termination of said agreement with Cayman.”

Indeed, by the time of Marley’s next album, Exodus, released in June 1977, the songs were again credited to Bob Marley, and published by Bob Marley Music/Almo Music Corp.

Marley signs at the bottom ‘Robert Marley,’ as President of Bob Marley Music LTD, and again simply as the contracting party, ‘Bob Marley.’

This is likely unique Bob Marley collectible, signed twice, once with an exceedingly rare Robert Marley signature.

Both signatures are on the light side, but absolutely clear.  Beautifully framed to 14 3/8” x 21”.

From the collection of a former Almo Music executive. With Recordmecca’s written lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

(The Cayman published songs Marley credited to others were the subject of multiple lawsuits. A 1987 court decision favored the Marley estate, which assumed full control of the songs, though there were further lawsuits regarding these songs in 2014 and 2022.)


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