Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention – Rykodisc CDR of Unreleased '68 Live Concert

A Rykodisc CDR of 26:00 of a live Mothers concert at the ARK in Boston, Mass in either 1968 or 1969. In the early 70's a friend gave me some unreleased 60's Zappa multi track master tapes of live concerts. These had not and have not ever been bootlegged. I carried these from house to house in my moves, figuring some day I'd return them to Zappa. In the 90's when the BEAT THE BOOTS series came out, I tried to return them to Frank–but he had no interest; he only wanted to bootleg the bootlegs. In the 90's I was I tried again twice to return these, but again it went nowhere. Years later, I called Rykodisc, and told them I had these tapes, and sent a reel for them to listen to. They mixed down the reel I sent them from the 3 track tape, burned this CD, but ultimately returned the tape with word that Gail Zappa wasn't interested in releasing it. It is great live material, but for some reason unexplained to me, the estate just wasn't interested. Tired of dragging these around I donated the tapes to a tape archive where they would be preserved. This CDR is 26 minutes long, and being from the master tape, it's perfect quality. The tracks include an 11 minute instrumental (sounds like a King Kong variation, it may or may not be missing the very beginning–hard to tell), then Zappa talks and introduces 'Valerie,' which they play, then he introduces the rare track 'Oh In The Sky,' which they then play, followed by 'Dog Breath.' This is only one reel of a 3 reel concert, but everything else is long gone.

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