Jeff Beck – 1967 Handwritten Letter With Incredible Content, Mentioning Monterey Pop Festival, “Sgt. Peppers”

A handwritten letter from Jeff Beck to his Los Angeles friend, Darryl Stolper, reading in part: “How are you? At last I have a moment to write. I bet you thought I died! Well you could say I did. I’m really exhausted. The weather here is 75° in the daytime and I lost about 20 lbs at the Marquee last Tuesday. Guess what? We are playing ‘My Mind is Ramblin.’ ‘Nice?’ I have made arrangements for a couple of discs to be cut from those tapes on Monday…Do you want the new Beatle album or is that an insult. I’m so sick of hearing it they even play it in the cemetery! Thanks very much for fixing the Yardbird album for me. Good old Epic! Are you going to the Monterey festival of Rubbish! Three days of sheer crap! If I get a free air ticket I might still go. That’s if Mary doesn’t come here” and adding the postscript “I’ll send the Beatle album any way and if you don’t want it sell it or melt it down into an ash tray or something!”

Beck and Stolper became close friends, with Beck often visiting Stolper in Pacific Palisades, and the two corresponded regularly. In this letter, Beck references the Beatles’ new album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (released on May 26, 1967) and slanders the forthcoming Monterey Pop Festival, which is now recognized as a seminal event in popular music history.  Stolper befriended Beck when the latter was in LA during a Yardbirds tour, and Stolper introduced Beck to Mary Hughes, who became Beck’s girlfriend; he sings about her in the Yardbirds’ song ‘Psycho Daisies.’

With Recordmecca’s written lifetime guarantee of authenticity, and photocopies of photos of Stolper with Beck and a copy of a letter from Stolper outlining their relationship. Unbeatable content from the great rock guitarist. Two pages, 5.75 x 8

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