Jefferson Airplane – Fully Signed Postcard Sent to Ralph J. Gleason

A postcard of a Miro painting, sent from by Jefferson Airplane to the eminent music critic Ralph J. Gleason, and signed by the full band, manager Bill Graham, and road manager Bill Thompson. Gleason was an early and vocal advocate for the Airplane (he was the music critic of the San Francisco Chronicle) and penned the liner notes to their first album. Graham managed them from early 1967 to February 1968, so that dates this card from that critical era in the band's evolution. Jorma Kaukonen signs "Hello! Goodbye! We're in South Dakota but they only have New York Postcards" (he's joking; the card is postmarked New York City.) Paul Kantner writes vertically "Hello Ralph—Paul." Marty Balin and Jack Casady simply sign their names, while Grace Slick signs "Rabbit", clearly an allusion to their hit "White Rabbit." Spencer Dryden signs "Love, Spencer", Bill Thompson (their manager, then road manager, then manager again) writes "See You Soon" and signs his name, and the legendary Bill Graham writes "Don't Make Waves" before his signature. Full sets of Airplane autographs are rare enough, but we've never heard of a set with Bill Graham and Bill Thompson; not to mention the Gleason association. Unique !

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