Jimi Hendrix – Eddie Kramer’s Bill For Mixing Band of Gypsys

Legendary producer/engineer Eddie Kramer’s original bill for mixing Jimi Hendrix’s 1970  live album “Band of Gypsys.”  This typewritten bill, submitted to Hendrix’s company Are You Experienced, Ltd. and his manager Michael Jeffery, details 11 mixing sessions and two mastering sessions, for which Kramer billed a remarkably reasonable $50/hour (for a total of $1950.)  In the lower right corner, there is a notation “Ok’d by MFJ,” though we can’t be sure if it’s in Jeffery’s hand.  This fascinating document illustrates exactly what it took to mix and master an album for a superstar artist at this time; how many sessions it took to mix a high profile project such as this (Hendrix would certainly have been present for some of these,) how long it took to master the album, and what a top engineer would have charged for an album like this.  Note the last mastering date was Feb. 20, 1970; according to Jimi Hendrix.com, Michael Jeffery delivered the completed Band of Gypsys album to Capitol Records on February 25.  A truly unique Hendrix artifact.

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