John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) – Handwritten Letter To Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin

A John Frusciante handwritten letter sent to Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, asking Page to play on a Mars Volta track with Frusciante and Mars Volta guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez.  Frusciante wrote to Page:

Dear Jimmy,
Thank you so much for coming to our show.  It meant so much to all of us to have you there.  There was something I needed to ask you but didn’t want to put you on the spot.  I figure I’ll ask you in this letter and that way you are free to just not respond if you so choose, with no offense taken.

My best friend Omar is the guitarist/leader of The Mars Volta.  They are my favorite band in the world.  Their music comes from punk, salsa, progressive rock and Led Zeppelin, and their singer Cedric is an extraordinary singer.  They are making a new record  right now and it would be Omar’s dream to have you, Omar and myself simultaneously soloing on one song.  Omar and I have done a lot of simultaneous soloing with great results, and it would mean the world to us if you joined us.  We could do this by sending you a CD to play to and you could record yourself on a computer, then send the file back to us in LA.  If you are interested let us know since they are towards the end o f the record (but not in a rush).

All my best, John Frusciante.

We acquired this from longtime Red Hot Chili Peppers employee and road manager Louie Mathieu, who explains in his included letter of authenticity:

This letter is to authenticate a note handwritten by John Frusciante to Jimmy Page.  This note was faxed to Jimmy, and I kept it for my records.  JF was little attached to material things.  In fact, his Grammy came to my house, he looked at it and giggled, shrugged his shoulders, didn’t so much as touch it, and left it in my care.  He would often leave his personal effects behind in hotels and dressing rooms with little if any thought to their value or import.  I worked for the Red Hot Chili Peopers from 1986-2004 in various capacites, eventually serving as their Road Manager.  This is from my personal collection.  (Signed) Louie Mathieu

With Recordmecca’s written lifetime guarantee of authenticity, and Mathieu’s letter of authenticity.

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