Led Zeppelin – First Ever Led Zeppelin Handbill

The first known handbill (or poster) to advertise a show by Led Zeppelin. As most Zeppelin fans know, the first few shows by the band were under the name the "New Yardbirds," fulfilling contractual obligations for Page's former group "The Yardbirds." The encyclopedic LedZeppelin.com shows no poster or handbill that uses the name "Led Zeppelin" until January 9, when they played the Fillmore in San Francisco. This handbill lists them on December 9 as Led Zeppelin (nee The Yardbirds) and predates the Fillmore show by a month. So as far as the extensive Zeppelin website is concerned, this would be the earliest handbill or poster to refer to them as Led Zeppelin, and the only one to use both the Zeppelin and Yardbirds name. This historic handbill is not shown on LedZeppelin.com–even more evidence of it's ultra scarcity. Check our other listings for a Marquee handbill two months earlier for the "UK debut" of the "New Yardbirds" aka Led Zeppelin. (Some other great bands on this piece as well, including "The Who's Xmas Party plus a great new group Yes," Jethro Tull, Joe Cocker, Free & Family)

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