Led Zeppelin – Fully Signed Physical Graffiti Album

An extremely rare full set of Led Zeppelin autographs on 2 inserts for a UK "Physical Graffiti" album. Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham signed this album for legendary BBC travel journalist and author Alan Whicker, "on the occasion of their visit to Jersey, Channel Islands, in the seventies" (as reads the accompanying letter of authenticity from "Whicker's World"–Whicker's television program that ran from 1959 to 1988.) The band has uncharacteristically signed with inscriptions–probably a sign of the esteem they held for Whicker. Page signs "Kind Regards" and follows his signature with some esoteric occult writing and symbols–something we've never seen before (though he is well known as a student of Alister Crowley and the occult.) Plant signs "To Alan and Valerie, To '66" (Valerie is Whicker's longtime partner.) John Paul Jones signs simply "Love" (the "L" is a bit faded, but not as much as appears in the scan.) On a second, identical insert, John Bonham signs "Best Wishes To Anthony, John Bonham" (We don't know if Anthony was a Whicker associate or friend.) In addition to the Whicker letter of provenance, the album and inserts come with certificates of authenticity from well known music autograph authenticator Roger Epperson. Authentic Led Zeppelin autographs are extremely rare, as they band had very tight security around them at all times, and owing to John Bonham's untimely death. Signed albums are EXTREMELY RARE, and while this cover's dark shade didn't lend itself to signing, the white inserts were perfect. We imagine the buyer will probably want to frame the inserts with the album cover, and perhaps the discs which are included. A very rare opportunity to get an authentic signed Led Zeppelin album. As with everything we offer, guaranteed authentic with no time limit.

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