Led Zeppelin – Jimmy Page – Historic Handwritten 1962 Letter

A handwritten letter from Jimmy Page to his American pen-pal, circa 1962. Filled with incredible content, Page writes to Ronnie Kellerman, head of the Jerry Lee Lewis fan club and Page's frequent correspondent. Page, a serious record collector, would trade tapes and records with Kellerman, and occasionally cut acetate discs from tapes Kellerman sent. Page writes about a disc he has had cut (of Jerry Lee Lewis on American Bandstand, and sold with this letter,) of an LP he has sent called "Drumbeat," asks if Kellerman has heard from their mutual friend, rocker "Screaming Lord" Sutch, and wonders about Jerry Lee's next Sun releases. He then writes "Liverpool groups seem to have swamped the scene over here, but the Beatles are the only ones any good. I expect you've heard of them." Page talks about starting art school and talks about a grant he hopes to get "which amounts to about $12 a week spending money…so I'm pretty pleased at the moment. However I'm living on next to nothing at the moment as I'm feverishly trying to pay off my guitar and amp, which are on hire purchase. You can imagine how much a struggle this is when I tell you that it was spread over two years and I'm trying to pay it off in 6 months !!!" He then relates that he has done a recording for a radio broadcast, and is "having a bash" with classical guitar. He answers Ronnie's question as to whether he played on the newest Jet Harris & Tony Meehan session (no) and asks for him to send him a copy of the Chuck Berry on Stage album, then signing off. Jimmy Page has famously kept most of his own memorabilia, making high-end Page collectibles extremely scarce. This is one of 5 Page letters we acquired from the Kellerman estate; one is now in the collection of the Experience Music Project in Seattle, one we've kept, and the other two were purchased by an associate of Page's to give to the man himself. Page was "blown away" when the two letters were presented to him and reportedly remembered every detail about Kellerman and their friendship. Included with this letter is the original envelope, the acetate disc Page cut for Kellerman, and a reproduction of a photograph of Page, Kellerman and Screaming Lord Sutch (taken on Led Zeppelin's first American tour–Page and Sutch spent the night at Kellerman's playing records and talking about the good old days.) When valuing a letter like this, collectors take into account when the letter was written, the content, and how the content relates to the writer's fame. By all of these criteria, this letter is as good as you could possibly hope for. An amazing look into the early life and career of Jimmy Page. Guaranteed authentic with no time limit.

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