Nirvana – Kurt Cobain/Courtney Love Interview Master Tape

The unedited and largely unpublished DAT master tape of a Kurt Cobain/Courtney Love interview, conducted by Sub Pop co-founder Jonathan Ponemon for the December 1992 issue of Spin Magazine. Nirvana were named Spin’s “Artist of the Year” in this issue, and Kurt and Courtney agreed to this interview seemingly to rebut press reports that Courtney had used heroin while pregnant with Francis Bean Cobain (born that August.) The taped interview lasts about 77 minutes, but only about 1/3 of the conversation made it to print in Spin. Much of what wasn’t printed was controversial for one reason or another, and the discussions not published include writer Lynn Hirschberg’s (writer of the Vanity Fair article alleging heroin use) alleged vendetta against them, MTV’s refusal to let Nirvana perform “Rape Me” at the MTV awards that year, Kurt’s fight with Axl Rose at the MTV awards show, their desire to move to Canada, Kurt’s desire not to be famous for much longer, artistic integrity, Kurt’s dysfunctional childhood, censorship, people trying to control Kurt because they make money off him, the notion that he might quit the band and release records from his home, the perceived persecution of Courtney, Madonna trying to sign Hole, Courtney’s heroin use, politics, Francis’ birth and the start of “baby core,” their fear of Francis growing up in a “Hollywood-esque entertainment environment,” and more. This is the actual master tape, recorded at Seattle producer Steve Fisk’s home studio (Fisk produced Nirvana’s BLEW ep.) We obtained this unique tape directly from Steve Fisk, and his letter of authenticity (with a detailed account of the recording) is included, as is a CD transfer of the tape by Fisk, and a copy of the original issue of the December 1992 issue of Spin. A unique and undocumented Nirvana collectible of the highest order. (Note: we are selling this as a collectible only; no transfer of rights is included, nor implied.)

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