Oasis – Cricket Bat Used By Noel Gallagher on Liam Gallagher

The legendary cricket bat used by Noel Gallagher of Oasis to attack his brother, Liam, in a famous incident during the recording of the second Oasis album, “What’s The Story, Morning Glory.” As detailed in numerous articles and books about the band, Liam Gallagher brought a group of inebriated people he’d met at a local pub to the band’s recording sessions for “Morning Glory,” infuriating Noel. Noel forced the people to leave, which caused Liam to “lose it” and attack Noel and his guitars, and Noel retaliated using this cricket bat. We obtained this bat from celebrated British music writer Paolo Hewitt. As detailed in his letter of authenticity, Hewitt is the author of sixteen books on music and music related subjects, including the authorized biography of Oasis, “Getting High: The Adventures of Oasis” (the cricket bat incident is detailed on page 320 of Hewitt’s book, a copy of which is included.) Noel Gallagher’s blurb on the book cover says it all–“Paolo is the only person to speak about what it was like on the road with us because he’s been there. He’s been there, he’s seen it, he’s done it.” During interviews for the book, Noel Gallagher pointed out the cricket bat to Hewitt, and convinced it was destined for the trash, he took it home. This is a truly a unique artifact from one of the most successful British bands ever, with full authentication, and our lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

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