Pink Floyd – Authentic See Emily Play Promo Poster

An absolutely genuine promo poster for Pink Floyd's masterpiece single "See Emily Play." Syd Barrett himself did the artwork for this 1967 classic, and it has been heavily counterfeited since then. This is a genuine original, printed on glossy stock, and machine folded as it came originally. In excellent condition, it has pin holes in the four corners, a small number written in the lower left corner, and has been framed. I obtained this from an English dealer, who obtained it from someone who claimed to have gotten it from Syd Barrett himself–but we can't vouch for this. What we can tell you is the original is obviously different from the counterfeit, pictured on the right for comparison. The counterfeit has the words "The New Projected Sound" and the cloud and border details in brown, where as the original has these in a light olive/gold. Some of the counterfeits have numbers written on a corner like this. If you compare the two, the difference is quite obvious. The original in person has the look and feel of a vintage poster, where the bootlegs appear to be new–not like a 40 year old poster. We've seen many of the counterfeits sold on Ebay as originals, but have never seen another original offered for sale. Historic, and wonderful to behold. Poster measures 17.5" x 7.5".

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