Pink Floyd – David Gilmour – Pre-Pink Floyd Jokers Wild Concert Poster

A truly museum quality collectible–a concert poster for David Gilmour’s pre-Pink Floyd band JOKERS WILD. We have never seen nor heard of a Joker’s Wild poster before–so this is something truly special.(br)The poster, measuring 16″ x 35 7/8″, advertises a residency by Jokers Wild and another band, Dawnbreakers, at the Blue Horizon Club (held in Guildhall, a historic building with 2 halls in the center of Cambridge; live music is still presented there). The full text reads “DAWNBREAKERS . JOKERS WILD . MIDNIGHT PUNTING . CLUB GUILDHALL . TUESDAYS . THURSDAYS . FRIDAYS . SATURDAYS . 8:30 – 12: 30 . JULY 28 – SEPTEMBER 4 . MEMBERSHIP 2/6 . ADMISSION 6′ . PROCTORIAL PERMISSION ” In the bottom right corner it reads “Screen Printed by SWAINLAND Cambridge.” Cambridge, of course, was the home of Pink Floyd’s members, including Dave Gilmour.(br)We obtained this from a longtime Cambridge resident who wrote us that “I came by it (the poster) because my mother rented rooms to Cambridge University students when I was growing up, and I was given the poster by one of our tenants, who may have been to the event. I would have been about 12 at the time, so was too young to have gone to it myself, but I was aware of Dave Gilmour and Jokers Wild because I was a friend of his younger brother, Mark, at Newnham Croft Primary School. One time Dave Gilmour visited the school and was introduced to us as a local celebrity. All the colleges in Cambridge had their own clubs and film societies, though anyone could go to them, but this seems to be aimed at students in general, hence the reference to “Proctorial Permission.” The Proctor and his two Bulldogs (strong-arm men wearing bowler hats) were frightening Dickensian characters employed by the University to ensure that students wore their gowns and were off the streets by 10 PM. I also notice that this is a summer event, when undergraduates were not around, so maybe it is aimed at postgraduates and the general public. During the 60’s there was an unusual amount of fraternization between “town and gown.” (Note: Midnight Punting refers to a Cambridge tradition of riding in small, flat bottomed boats, propelled by poles; “midnight punting” is exactly that, punting during the middle of the night; another attraction the Blue Horizon Club was offering.)(br)This poster is silkscreened onto off white paper that has a cross type pattern on the back, and there is some glue residue on the back, indicating that this was taken down off a wall where it had been posted. It’s in Very Good condition, with a small repaired tear below the word “Admission” and some wrinkling–but as you can see this is very presentable (not to mention probably the only surviving example of a Jokers Wild poster.) This is probably a unique opportunity for the Pink Floyd collector to obtain a truly unique item. As with everything we offer, this is guaranteed authentic with no time limit.

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