Pink Floyd – Poster for Their 1966 First Ever Concert

The only known example of the poster for Pink Floyd’s first-ever concert. This one-of-a-kind silkscreened poster advertised Pink Floyd’s 1966 concert debut at the Roundhouse in London, for the launch for the legendary underground newspaper “International Times.” Prior to this, the Floyd had played only club gigs–but never had performed before a large crowd. While this wasn’t a proper “concert” (it was more of a “happening”) this was the Floyd’s first show in front of a large audience. Sharing the bill for this “Strip-Trips-Happening-Movie-Pop-Op-Costume Masque-Drag Ball” was Soft Machine. This event has been cited as the beginning of the psychedelic period in the UK. The Syd Barrett biography “Lost In The Woods” says of the event: As the Soft Machine finished, the Pink Floyd began their set on the stage set up on the opposite side of the Roundhouse. With the house lights off and their light show on, Barrett & Co. began with the low, ominous rumble of ‘Astronomy Domine’. Their light show, though appallingly primitive, made quite an impression of the assembled crowd, not least of all Paul McCartney, who made his approval plain.(br)On October 30 The Sunday Times wrote, ‘ At the launching of the new magazine IT the other night a pop group called the Pink Floyd played throbbing music while a series of bizarre coloured shapes flashed on a huge screen behind them. Someone had made a mountain of jelly which people ate at midnight and another person had parked his motorbike in the middle of the room. All apparently very psychedelic.’ Andrew King, ‘We don’t call ourselves psychedelic. But we don’t deny it. We don’t confirm it either. People who want to make up slogans can do it.’ Of their act, Roger Waters gushed, ‘It’s totally anarchistic. But it’s cooperative anarchy if you see what I mean. It’s definitely a complete realisation of the aims of psychedelia. But if you take LSD what you experience depends entirely on who you are. Our music may give you the screaming horrors or throw you into screaming ecstasy. Mostly it’s the latter. We find our audiences stop dancing now. We tend to get them standing there totally grooved with their mouths open.’ No other example of this poster is known to exist. We have recently learned it was designed by International Times co-founder Jack Henry Moore, who had it printed by a printer of Church posters. Fewer than 50 were made, and evidently this survived because it was left crumpled in the back of the van of the people posting them. It is silkscreened on thin paper, which has been archivally backed (some light restoration has been done by a very high end paper conservator.) We have made a copy of this poster for the newly renovated Roundhouse, at the request of someone involved with their board. Measures approximately 20″ x 30″. Expensive, but historic !

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