Ramones – Unreleased “Road To Ruin” Rough Mix Master Tape

A unique Ramones collectible–a 7″ reel-to-reel tape of “live off the floor” rough mixes of the Ramones classic album Road to Ruin.  Included are alternate mixes of seven songs, with reference vocals and no guitar overdubs, and including an unfinished version of “Needles and Pins.”.

We acquired this tape from Ed Stasium, longtime Ramones producer/engineer/mixer/collaborator. Included is his signed letter of authenticity detailing the history of the tape, and a high resolution digital transfer on CD made by Stasium.

Stasium’s letter of authenticity explains that “Ruff” mixes are quick one take reference mixes used for artist, producer and engineer and/or record company for listening and evaluation during the process of the recording…the individual track balances, panning, EQ, compression, reverb/delay effects etc. are entirely dissimilar from the ones used on the final mixes.”  Stasium notes these are “‘Live off the floor’ versions from the basic tracking recording sessions with no guitar overdubs.  With reference vocals except for “Needles and Pins” which was recorded with Tommy on drums for the “Rocket to Russia” LP.  This version has Dee Dee’s bass (I played bass on the final version,) Joey’s final vocal and my backing vocals and electric guitar on it.  The track was not used for “Rocket to Russia.”  During the “Ruin” sessions we overdubbed Mark’s drums and completed the track for inclusion on the Ramones classic LP “Road to Ruin.”

Stasium explained to us that Joey Ramone always double-tracked his finished vocals, but the vocals here were single track guide vocals done for the initial tracking and later replaced.

Included are versions of I Just Wanna, I Don’t Want You, I’m Against It, It’s a Long Way Back, Come Back She Cried, Bad Brain and Needles and Pins.

As Stasium explains in a second accompanying document, tapes from the 1970′s often need to be “baked”–or heated in a controlled environment–before playback; the binder used to attach the magnetic particles to the backing can be unstable after many years.  Ed baked this tape before transferring it digitally in his recording studio; we suggest the owner not try to play it.

This is a one-of-a-kind tape, sold as a collectible only; no rights of reproduction or copyright are included or inferred. We have commissioned a custom frame for this tape which can be hung on the wall or displayed on a table.  The frame can easily be slid open and the tape removed (the frame photo contains a different tape.)

A unique opportunity to obtain a truly one-of-a-kind Ramones collectible

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