Richey Edwards – Manic Street Preachers – Inscribed Setlist With Poem

A unique and sobering artifact of Richey Edwards of the Manic Street Preachers–a setlist for their show at the Glasgow Barrowlands, on October 15, 1994; doodled upon and inscribed by Richey, with a poem by Shelley invoking suicide. We acquired this from British journalist Paul Moody, who first wrote about the Manics in Sounds circa June 1990. At that time, he befriended Richey and the band, and as he writes in his letter of authenticity, "over the years I would regularly bump into them at gigs and awards ceremonies." Moody describes Richey becoming more distant, and notes that by February 1994 "he seemed a shadow of his former self." Moody reviewed the Barrowlands show for NME, and describes the backstage scene as being like "a bunker in Vietnam," decorated in "thick dark green army netting" at Richey's insistance. The show was Richey's return to live work after a stint in rehab. He notes "the band were all smiles" but Richey was "hunched in a corner, listening intently to his walkman, and scribbling on the setlist." After the show, the band's manager said before he went, "Richey had specficially asked that I have his set list, which he had annotated with the name of the venue and lines from Shelley's "A Lament" (Oh World ! O Life ! O Time ! On whose last steps I climb. etc.)" Moody thought it odd, and made sure that NME reproduced the setlist and the Shelley poem as a part of his review. Moody's letter continues "At the time it seemed a curious message to leave me with, but as the years have gone by it's become imbued with more and more meaning. The way I look at it now, it seems almost impossible not to read it as a kind of suicide note, and, by giving it to me, he was conveying a message to his fans that he couldn't go on." Edwards played only a small number of dates with the band after this one, and disappeared on February 1 of the next year (it's presumed he committed suicide). Moody's detailed letter of authenticity is included (the first page reproduced here,) as is a reproduction of the NME review. A unique artifact, to say the least. As with everything we offer, guaranteed authentic with no time limit. SOLD

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