Mick Jagger – Manuscript of Unpublished Autobiography With Handwritten Notations

A possibly unique xerox typescript of two chapters from Mick Jagger’s unpublished 1984 autobiography, with handwritten notations.

In a 2013 interview with Q magazine, Jagger said he refused to write a book. “No, I still won’t do it.  And I’ve been asked again recently.”  Recalling an earlier attempt, for which he was paid an advance said to be 1 million pounds, Jagger said “I did it for the money in the 80’s or early 90’s.  I started writing it but it was so depressing and boring having to scrape over your past.  They wanted me to talk about people close to me and divulge all these secrets.  I realized I didn’t want to do that.  So I stopped and gave the money back.”

We acquired this original 1984 xerox typescript from a close associate of Jagger, who worked on the project.  Included is Chapter Two, titled “My Childhood” (29 pages) and  Chapter Three, titled “I Hear The Blues” (27 pages.)   Chapter 2 notes “JR’s com & adds 30 Jan 84” (JR is Stones associate Jane Rose) and “MJ’s adds 30 Jan 84” (MJ is Mick Jagger.)  In four places in  Chapter 2, Mick Jagger has handwritten in blue ballpoint pen annotations of one to four words (on various pages, “spelling,” “sounds snobby,” “does he dig this ?” and “under.”)

In Chapter Two, Jagger writes at great length about growing up in postwar England, his background, family, schooling, his first friends, his love for “America and everything American,” his first experiences traveling, seeing movies and experiencing the world outside his small town.

Chapter Three covers schooling, sports,  his discovery of rock & roll, Teddy Boys and skiffle, his first band, The Hellcats (Jagger played bass,) first record player, first job (in the school “tuck shop”–where he stole candy,) hanging around the local record shop, meeting girls (“I took to sex like a duck to water”,) hatred of haircuts, becoming fanatical about music (“I consumed everything pop music had to offer,”) discovery of Rhythm and Blues, and meeting  Keith Richards (“Actually I had been at primary school with Keith, where he had been greatly enamored of Roy Rogers, but he moved to the other side of the tracks…where my father forbade me to go.  So I didn’t see him more than once or twice till we ran into each other again our last year of school when we bumped into each other waiting for the London train, at Dartford station, him with a record under his arm–Chuck Berry, I think it was, “Back in the USA” and discovered that we had similar musical tastes.  It made us members of a very exclusive club in those days.  There were maybe half-a-dozen in the Greater Dartford area.)

Each chapter is stapled together; the pages are in excellent condition; with the last page of Chapter Three loose  (there was probably  an additional page or two that is now missing.)

In his Q interview, Jagger notes he had started writing this autobiography, but eventually quit.  We don’t know how much of the book was actually completed, but as far as we can determine, this is the only portion that has ever  surfaced.  An extremely rare Mick Jagger/Rolling Stones collectible.  With Recordmecca’s written lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

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