Rush – Ultra Rare Autographed 1976 El Paso Concert Poster (with Styx)

A possibly unique 1976 concert poster for a show by Rush with special guests Styx, at the University of Texas, El Paso Memorial Gym, during Rush’s 2112 tour.  The poster was signed at the time of the concert by each member of Rush for a local Mercury Records promotion man.

The exceptional artwork for this one-day only poster, featuring guitar necks erupting out of a moonscape, with a UFO flying overhead, was created by the UTEP printing department (the University’s Student Program Council co-produced the show).

Each member of Rush signed the poster for the late Alva Privet, the Mercury Records executive who escorted Rush through Texas in 1976.  Alex Lifeson writes “To Al, All The Best”; Geddy Lee writes “To Al, beware of Flaming Jalapeneos”, and Neal Peart adds “and Scor-pi-ons”.  According to the person who obtained this from Privet, Geddy Lee’s reference was to the Tex-Mex food he made sure the band sampled. Peart was referring to a scorpion sighting in the  El Paso room he’d rented for the band; Peart, who had never seen a scorpion before, was reportedly frightened by the incident.

The poster was originally machine folded into eighths, presumably for mailing, and has been dry mounted to art board.  It is in excellent condition, with a few scuffs to the top edge, but displays beautifully.  We acquired this from a Texas record store owner who purchased it from the promotion person it was signed for.  We can find no other example of this online.  17 3/4″ x 26 3/4″.

With Recordmecca’s written lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

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