The Ramones – “It’s Alive” 4 Test Pressing LP’S From Producer Ed Stasium’s Collection

Four Ramones test pressing LP’s from the collection of longtime Ramones producer and engineer Ed Stasium, including:

2 discs of It’s Alive [Remaster 2019], and

2 discs of It’s Alive II [New Mix 2019] (Side four is a stamped graphic)

These four test pressings were used by Stasium during the production process, and the cover of each set has been signed by Stasium.  Included are Stasium’s signed letters of authenticity for each album, noting the history of these discs.

The It’s Alive letter reads:

This letter is to authenticate a 2 disc test pressing of the Ramones album ‘It’s Alive’ [Remaster 2019] from my personal collection.  During my long associate with the Ramones, I worked on nine of their original albums, as engineer, mixer, producer, additional guitarist and backing vocalist.  I have also engineered, remixed, and produced numerous demos, reissues and live albums for the band.  This test pressing [set] was used during the album’s production, and I have signed the sleeve.  Gabba Gabba Hey!  [signed] Ed Stasium.

 Ed Stasium co-produced It’s Alive with Tommy Ramone.  As noted in Wikipedia, [the album] was recorded at the Rainbow Theatre in London on December 31, 1977, and released in April 1979 as a 2-LP set. The album draws material from the band’s first three studio albums…Four concerts during the UK tour were recorded, but the New Year’s Eve performance was chosen because ten rows of seats were thrown at the stage after the concert and it was considered the best of the performances at the venue. The album and concert is often referred to as the band at its live peak.

 All four test pressings are in beautiful Mint condition, and of course, were the first pressed, insuring their exceptional fidelity.

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