The Smiths – Morrissey – Signed Letter to a Friend, circa 1985

A letter typed and signed by Smiths frontman Morrissey to a friend in 1986. Morrissey talks about an upcoming interview he's doing with famed British character actor Charles Hawtrey, who is "practically bedridden, and hasn't uttered an audible syllable in a decade, so, see how much he and I have in common already" (Hawtrey was name-checked by John Lennon on the Beatles album "Let it Be.") We purchased this directly from Morrissey's friend, and have blurred out his name on the scan for his privacy. His accompanying letter of authenticity reads: "This letter was written to me by Morrissey in August, 1986. The "dreaded lp" he refers to is "The Queen is Dead"–which in the end did not feature the Candy Darling cover. An image of the Warhol Superstar was eventually used on the cover of the UK single release, "Sheila Take A Bow" in early 1987. The Leather Boys is the title of a UK juvenile delinquent novel by Gillian Freeman, which explored homoeroticism among bikers- "ton-up boys" in UK parlance. Kris Kirk (d.1993) was a journalist, a gay activist and the author of "Men In Frocks" (1984): at the time he was researching a gay history of pop, "The Vinyl Closet," which was never finished and remains unpublished." The letter of authenticity is signed, but we omitted the signature in the scan at the request of the writer, who wishes to remain private (at least to all but the buyer of the letter.) Also included is an original Rough Trade UK promotional Smiths postcard, with Morrissey's photo. A wonderful Smiths collectible from the golden age, and a letter with great content. With our written lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

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