The Velvet Underground – Sterling Morrison’s Band-Signed Tour Shirt, From Their Last Ever Concert

A Velvet Underground T-Shirt from their 1993 European reunion tour, owned by their late guitarist Sterling Morrison, and signed for his daughter by the complete band on the last day of the tour.  This is certainly one of the last–if not the last–items signed by the complete band, as after this tour date they never played or appeared together again (Morrison died less than two years later.)

From MaryAnne Morrison’s accompanying letter of authenticity-

“This autographed T-Shirt was my father’s idea.  He was fond of collecting souvenirs and memorabilia.  The day after the last show, he gave me the shirt and a Sharpie and told me to go hang around the hotel lobby and get the other three band members to sign it on their way out.

I did very well that morning!  Not only did I get the shirt signed.  I also got some “per diem” money from Coach, our tour manager; a Zoo TV hat from Lou, some Toblerone chocolate from John; and a bottle of perfume from Sylvia, Lou’s ex-wife.

I ate the chocolate and spent my per diem, gave the hat away to a friend back home, and wore the perfume until I used it up.  Twenty-one years later I came across the T-Shirt packed away with some of my  high-school things,and I remembered that day in the hotel lobby–July 10, 1993, Naples (Italy.)  (Signed) MaryAnne Morrison.

The shirt is size XL, as was Sterling Morrison.  It is in excellent condition, and the autographs of Morrison, Lou Reed, John Cale and Moe Tucker all bold and large.  Perhaps the last set of autographs ever signed by the Velvet Underground, ready to frame and display with pride.

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