My weird wild world

Though I’m in my 36th year of collecting records and music memorabilia, the subject still fascinates me and occupies most of my waking hours (ok, some of that is because of my website, Recordmecca, where I sell high-end rare records and music memorabilia– but I still spend altogether too much time thinking about this stuff in my “off” hours.)

I’m regularly traveling the world looking for records, concert posters, documents, ephemera or other music related stuff–or spending endless hours researching my finds online, in books, etc.–or talking to other like-minded individuals about the subject at hand.

So I figured a blog would be just the way to use up whatever minimal “non-record” time I have, and maybe share some of the more interesting stuff I’ve found for collection or my website, ask questions of the collector community, and talk about some of my research. So that’s my rationale. And here goes…

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