Recordmecca’s Jeff Gold on The Bob Lefsetz, on working at A&M and Warner Bros, Prince, Bob Dylan, collecting and much much more

For those interested in record and memorabilia collecting, here’s The Bob Lefsetz Podcast’s recent episode with Recordmecca’s Jeff Gold.

In this wide ranging two-hour plus interview, Jeff talks about his record collecting origins, the early days at Rhino Records (he was the first employee,) working at A&M and Warner Bros. Records for legendary executives including Mo Ostin, Lenny Waronker, and Gil Friesen, his notable experiences with recording artists including Prince and Iggy Pop, meeting Bob Dylan and years later appraising his extensive archive, archival work with the Rolling Stones’ Bill Wyman, interviewing Quincy Jones and Sonny Rollins, his books on classic vinyl, the history of the Stooges (a collaboration with Iggy Pop,) and American jazz clubs of the 40s and 50s, the state of the music collectibles market, and much much more.

For those with limited time, below is an index of topics, and where they appear in the Podcast.








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0:01:45 – collecting Hendrix records, growing up in classic rock era, LA record swap meet

0:06:45 – working with Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones

0:08:20 – getting into music through Herb Alpert, Beatles records, attending concerts as a teenager

0:11:45 – Rhino Records origin

0:17:40 – Working for A&M Records and Gil Friesen

0:23:55 – A&M’s film company, reading scripts, becoming head of marketing

0:26:45 – leaving A&M for Warner Bros, working for Mo Ostin, Mo’s genius, Lenny Waronker

0:35:30 – meeting my wife Jody, her father, Bell Records head Larry Uttal

0:38:50 – meeting and working with Prince, Diamonds and Pearls

0:45:20 – Prince briefly becomes a Warners VP, dispute over his masters, name change

0:49:50 – Mo and Lenny leave WB, upheaval, Jeff requests to be fired

0:55:00 – starting Recordmecca, selling on Ebay, collectible records: first pressings, including The Beatles & Bob Dylan; increased availability of previously rare records due to internet

1:02:30 – Bob Dylan-owned blues records

1:05:50 – vinyl revival has inflated the price of common records, Nirvana, (Nevermind), etc.

1:08:40 – buying artists & industry record collections, Recordmecca’s business model, donating historic artifacts

1:12:10 – importance of condition, fraud, Recordmecca’s lifetime guarantee

1:20:10 – Jeff’s personal collection and at-home audio setup, vinyl revival, Beatles remasters

1:26:00 – Bob Dylan museum exhibition, appraising Dylan’s archive, discovering Dylan at Brandeis tape

1:31:40 – selling tapes to record labels: the Stooges, Charlie Parker; Gary Stewart’s career, death, record collection

1:38:50 – people who have left the music business

1:40:45 – Jeff’s feelings on current music, hip-hop

1:44:30 – other music memorabilia, authentication, Coltrane’s saxophone, Bob Dylan’s guitar, other sellers, etc.

1:54:45 – Jeff’s three music books, on classic vinyl, the history of the Stooges (with Iggy,) and Jazz Clubs, interviewing Quincy Jones and Sonny Rollins, racial harmony in jazz clubs

2:09:40 – Jeff’s typical work day, Jeff’s coolest treasures, Bob Dylan sighting


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