Here are two completely unrelated reunions that might be of interest to readers of this blog.  First, this weekend’s Buffalo Springfield reunion at the annual Bridge School Benefit in Mountain View, CA, hosted by Neil Young.  This was a big deal for Neil fans and those of the great Springfield–the first time surviving Buffalo Springfield members Neil Young, Stephen Stills and Richie Furay have performed together since 1968.  I thought about going, I really did, but I’ve been on so many planes this year–with a few trips coming up in the next month–that I skipped it.  When I saw the clips today on Youtube, I really regretted it.  I should have known–my favorite show of the last 10 years or so was last year’s Eric Clapton/Steve Winwood de-facto Blind Faith reunion at the Hollywood Bowl. 
Fortunately we can all enjoy the clips though, so I’m posting a few of the better ones here:

Reunion #2 will be of interest to far fewer,  but was no less special to me–the reunion earlier this year of former employees and customers of Los Angeles’ legendary Rhino Records.  From its birth in 1973, the Rhino store played a critical part in the L.A. music scene.  The Rhino store gave birth to the Rhino label, which almost single-handedly begat the record re-issue craze, which continues unabated to this day.  The store, which began in a tiny space shared with a Zenith Stereo repair shop, was founded by music fanatic and industry innovator Richard Foos (I was the first Rhino employee.)  Many longtime Rhino staffers went on to greater fame, including Wilco guitarist Nels Cline, Dream Syndicate founder Steve Wynn, and Long Ryder/Coal Porter Sid Griffin.  Should you be interested in knowing more, here’s a link to a photographic history of Rhino.  Some great memories, and vintage Rhino visitations from the Ramones, Wild Man Fischer, the Pretty Things, Troggs, and others.  Enjoy.

Jeff Gold

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