Electric Light Orchestra – Undocumented 1974 Oxford University Handbill (ELO, Jeff Lynne)

A previously undocumented handbill advertising the June 22, 1974 Worcester College Commem Ball, featuring an early performance by Electric Light Orchestra.  Also on the bill were Fumble, Raymond Froggit, Chilli Willi, Keith Christmas, Blue Grass Band and the Global Village Trucking Company.

Worcester College is a part of England’s Oxford University.  When we acquired this handbill, we could find no other example online, nor any mention of the show; also, there is no date on it. Googling Worcester College, we learned it is a part of Oxford, and that it still holds an annual Commem Ball for its students.  Writing a blind email to the college, we were put in touch with the college’s archivist.  She was able to research this show, and sent us a photo of the event ticket, dating the handbill to June 22, 1974.  Notably, the college didn’t have a copy of this handbill, and were appreciative when we sent them a high-resolution scan.

Wikipedia notes that at the time of this show ELO were recording their breakthrough album, Eldorado (recorded Feb-August 1974, released that September.)  At that point, they would have been a known act, but far from the huge attraction they’d soon become.

In mint condition, 11 1/2″ x 8 1/4″.



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