Jeff Beck – Handwritten 1967 Postcard to Close Friend + Extras

A handwritten postcard sent by Jeff Beck to his Los Angeles friend, Darryl Stolper, along with musical notations for a Muddy Waters song Beck was teaching Stolper, and a card with Beck’s London and Kent addresses written by Stolper.

Jeff Beck and Darryl Stolper met in 1965 at a Los Angeles private party where the Yardbirds performed.  Both blues fanatics, Stolper and Beck became fast friends, with Beck often visiting Stolper in Pacific Palisades, and the two corresponding regularly. Stolper introduced Beck to Mary Hughes, who became Beck’s girlfriend, who he sang about her in the Yardbirds’ song “Psycho Daisies.”  At one point Beck bought Stolper an acoustic guitar and attempted to teach him to play.  At the time, Stolper wrote notations for a Muddy Waters song on the small scrap of paper included here.

The postcard, postmarked August 1967 and sent from Italy, reads  “Dear Darryl, So far I’ve been to Holland (Amsterdam) Germany (Hamburg) Rome and moved up to The Riviera (Viareggio). Shall be here for 4 days.  Weather in Rome HOT. But here its raining!! (drawing of umbrella). Write soon I’ll write when I get home (IF)!!  The beaches here are too much—-!! Jeff”

At the time Beck wrote this card, he’d formed an early version of the Jeff Beck Group, with Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood, and a rotating cast of drummers, before settling on Mickey Waller in 1967.  The band didn’t play any of the cities Beck mentions, so he was either on a promotional tour, a short vacation, or combination of the two.

With printouts of photographs of Jeff Beck and Darryl Stolper and Mary Hughes, a copy of a letter from Stolper outlining his relationship with Beck, and Recordmecca’s written lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

Postcard: 5 3/4″ x 4″; musical notations 3″ x 1 1/4″, address card 2 1/2″ x 1 1/4″.


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