Prince – ‘Black Album’ Billboard Advance Ad Proof

A rare advance proof for an advertisement announcing the 1994 limited release of Prince’s Black Album and Warner Bros. Records’ “Amnesty Campaign” publicity stunt. This was run on the back cover of record industry trade magazine Billboard.

As noted in the advertisement, counterfeit and bootleg copies of the Black Album had flooded the market, but for a limited time “Warner Bros. Records is offering to the owners of illegal, bootleg copies of the original album, this offer of amnesty: the first 1000 people who return their naughty, counterfeit copies of ‘the black album’ to Warner Bros. would receive–for free–a real, new ‘black album’..Offer limited to the first 1000 felons.

This ad was written by longtime Warner Bros. advertising legend Stan Cornyn, and overseen by Warner Bros. then creative director and Executive Vice President/General Manager Jeff Gold, now owner of Recordmecca.

This proof was sent to Jeff Gold to approve before the ad’s publication on the back cover of Billboard. It measures 13″ x 15 1/2″ and is blank on the back.

With Recordmecca’s lifetime guarantee of authenticity, signed by Jeff Gold.


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