Testimonials: Jeff Gold and Recordmecca

The leading expert on rare LPs

– Billboard Magazine

A top dealer in rock memorabilia

– The New York Times

One of five “top collectors of high-end music memorabilia”

– Rolling Stone

Thankfully, Jeff Gold not only possesses a decades-in-the-making mental warehouse of music history with which he curates his acquisitions exquisitely, he’s honest and fair. If he has something you’re after you can be assured that it’s real and you’ll be treated well. The man is top shelf all the way. 

– Henry Rollins, musician/writer/spoken word artist/actor

I’ve known Jeff Gold of Recordmecca for many years. Somehow he consistently comes up with world class rare records and music memorabilia, researches it thoroughly, prices it fairly, and stands behind what he sells forever. And best for me, he remembers who collects what. I can’t recommend Recordmecca more highly.

– Craig Kallman, Chairman and CEO, Atlantic Records

Discovering Recordmecca for the first time after searching through what accounts for most music memorabilia sites online was like finding clean fresh water in a desert of con artists, frauds and fakes.
Jeff Gold is a collector. An historian. And a genuinely nice guy.
The word “dealer” does not apply.

– Stacy Wall, Director and founder, Imperial Woodpecker

I’ve known Jeff Gold for many years and proudly recommend that anyone interested in finer collectible records bookmark Jeff’s site and check in often (I sure do!) I’ve purchase literally hundreds of fantastic records from Jeff without a single problem. He’s an ‘all pro’ and has served as an invaluable source of information for me and many others over the years. There’s simply no shortcut to his over 40 years of vast knowledge in the hobby and we all treasure it. His stellar service as a former record company executive combined with his vast experience and great love of all things ‘music & collectibles’ makes him a valuable asset for us all!

– Perry Cox, author, “Price Guide for the Beatles American Records”

Recordmecca sells only quality items that are meticulously researched, so you can be 100% assured of their authenticity. I’ve known Jeff Gold for over 30 years and have always had the utmost respect for his ability to track down incredible collectibles, his attention to detail and his unparalleled professionalism.

– Gary Johnson, owner, Rockaway Records

Jeff Gold brings the elegance of a traditional antiquarian to the field of pop culture.  He is the coolest.

– Johan Kugelberg, author, “The Velvet Underground: New York Art,” Boo-Hooray Gallery, New York

I’ve been buying from Jeff Gold and Recordmecca since I began collecting. I was told find the best, learn from them and buy from them.  I did and I still do.  Jeff’s told me several times over the years, “I’m offering this to you first, but you don’t really need it.”  How many people can say they have dealt with a dealer that’s so balls out honest?  Not many I assure you.  When you buy from Jeff, you get the best. The best memorabilia. The best experience. The best value.  Period.

– Gary Greenberg, of GaryRocks, a blog about collecting vintage Rock and Roll memorabilia.

Quality, trust and authenticity are essential to the true collector.  Finding a source that delivers that rare combination consistently in the music collectibles business can become your greatest asset.  Recordmecca came to understand my interests over time and has evolved my collection to where I could only dream it would be.  Jeff Gold’s inventory is legendary and the products are so stunning it makes you truly understand and respect the fact that you now own a part of music history.

– Jeff Hoedebeck, Texas

Jeff Gold is a very good friend of mine, yet I’ve never met him. But for almost 20 years he’s treated me like one, and I’ve bought the most precious and valuable items in my collection from him. It still amazes how me he finds the rarest and most desirable stuff that I’ve ever seen.  Buying from Jeff and Recordmecca means that you’re buying from a person that really knows about this stuff. His knowledge and experience are astonishing. Buying from Jeff is buying from a friend, with confidence and pleasure…a great feeling, really!

– Nuno Robles, Portugal

Recordmecca is my favorite seller of rare records, rock memorabilia and pop art. Recordmecca provides high quality items that you rarely or almost never see elsewhere. The history of the items is always well presented and communicated. Warmly recommended!

– Juha Tuomi, Finland

I’ve collected music memorabilia for years and I’m always 110% satisfied with Jeff Gold and Recordmecca. In a business loaded with fakes, you can rest assured when it comes from Recordmecca, you’re getting the real thing. They’re the best in the business, hands down!

– Todd Beebe, Illinois