John Lennon/The Beatles – 1978 Handwritten Letter To Friend

A John Lennon handwritten letter and envelope, left at a Tokyo hotel front desk for his friend Paul Drew;  with a 4 page letter of authenticity from noted Beatles expert Perry Cox.  Drew was a disc jockey and later a legendary radio programmer; his letter of authenticity reads in part:

“I first became friendly with The Beatles during their 1964 North American Tour.  I traveled with the band during their 1964 and 1965 tours and introduced them at their August 18, 1965 concert at Atlanta Fulton County Stadium, as well as interviewing them numerous times…Because of my involvement with radio, I had numerous opportunities to see the individual Beatles and interview them for broadcast.  At one point I was even able to facilitate a reconciliation between John Lennon and Paul McCartney when they were both staying in New York.

During the late 1970’s I was in Japan on occasion and always stayed at the Hotel Okura, where it was rumored John Lennon and Yoko Ono stayed when in Tokyo…One day in September 1978 while walking down a corridor at the hotel, I heard two voices simultaneously call out my name from behind me.  I turned around and was warmly greeted by John and Yoko.

We had a great visit in the bar catching up, and the next morning I found this note which John had left for me at the front desk.  In it, he recommends some Tokyo restaurants, suggesting I use his name at one–and noting they knew him as “Mr. Ono.”

The last time I saw John was when he and Yoko took me to lunch in New York.  They had begun recording what became ‘Double Fantasy’ and wanted my read on which record company they should sign with.  I suggested Geffen Records, telling them if they did, their name and his (David Geffen) would be on the record label–and so he’d work very hard to make it a hit.”

Lennon’s letter is written in black felt tip, dated 9/16/78, and reads in full:
“Dear Paul, If you would like the Best Western (FR) food – done A La Japonese – do go to OGAWAKEN (ask hotel for address) – tell them we sent you (they know Ono better, of course, they even call me Mr. Ono !!) – AND/OR – For a great traditional ‘Zen Monk’ vegetarian dinner – or – lunch in the most beautiful place – try the Diago – it’s a Temple just around the corner from the Hotel.
– Love to your+ yours,
-John Yoko Sean -”

The letter measures 4″ x 5 1/2″ and the envelope (on which Lennon has written “Mr. Paul Drew from Lennono” measures 9 1/4″ x 4 1/4″.  Cox’s letter of authenticity reproduces a photograph of Drew with The Beatles and two of him with Lennon.  We will also included scans of photographs of Drew with Paul McCartney and George Harrison, and a copy of a postcard Lennon sent to Ringo Starr the day he met Drew in the hotel bar, which says “Dear Richard, back by 9th Oct.  Why tell Paul Drew and not you !?… (illustrated in Ringo’s book “Postcards From The Boys.”)

A wonderful letter from John Lennon written to a Beatles-era associate, with excellent provenance and authentication from one of the foremost Beatles handwriting experts in the world.

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