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The Stooges/Iggy Pop – “Total Chaos,” Signed Limited Edition Book With 45, Poster, More…

A copy of the SOLD OUT deluxe, limited-edition of the acclaimed book Total Chaos: The Story of The Stooges/As Told By Iggy Pop, signed by Iggy Pop and author Jeff Gold.

Only 400 copies of the …more


$450.00 US


The Temptations – Signed Gordy Records 1960’s Promotional Photograph

A mid-1960’s Gordy Records promotional photograph of The Temptations, warmly inscribed and signed on the back by Melvin Franklin, David Ruffin and Otis Williams.  Melvin Franklin writes “To Gloria, my early …more


$900.00 $600.00 US


The Who – Original Banned ‘Direct Hits’ Album Cover Artwork

The original and probably banned artwork created for The Who’s album Direct HitsDirect Hits was issued in the UK in October 1968, on Track Records.  It was The Who’s first compilation album, …more


$8,500.00 $3,000.00 US

The Who – Set of Five 1970 Decca Album Cover Displays (Including “My Generation” and “Sell Out”)

A set of five promotional album cover slicks for albums by The Who, sent out by Decca Records in 1970 for display in record stores.

These original 12″ x 12″ vintage slicks include the covers of The …more


$750.00 US


The Who & The Yardbirds (with Eric Clapton) – 1965 Marquee Club Handbill

A very rare handbill from London’s legendary Marquee Club, advertising shows during February 1965 featuring The Who and The Yardbirds (with Eric Clapton) and others.  The Marquee was “the” club in swinging …more


$450.00 $325.00 US

The Yardbirds with Jeff Beck – Rare White Label Promo “Questa Volta” Sung in Italian 45

A VG(+)/VG+ white label promo copy of “Questa Volta/Pafff…Bum”, the 1966 Yardbirds single sung in Italian.  The Jeff Beck-era Yardbirds were convinced by manager Giorgio Gomelsky to record this for the 1966 …more


$175.00 US


Tim Buckley – Handwritten and Signed Lyric from 1965 “No More”

An ultra rare Tim Buckley collectible—a circa 1965 “lead sheet” with Buckley’s handwritten and signed lyrics for his song “No More”, as recorded by his band, The Bohemians. This song was part of their original …more


$1,500.00 $1,000.00 US

Traffic – Near Mint UK 1st Pressing “Last Exit” LP, With Textured ‘Pink Eye’ Island Labels

A beautiful Near Mint-/Near Mint UK first pressing of Traffic’s 1969 LP Last Exit on Island Records with Pink Eye textured labels.  The sleeve is in NM- condition minor wear along the top and bottom edges and …more


$200.00 US

Traffic – Near Mint UK 1st Pressing of 1968 “Traffic” LP, With Textured ‘Pink Eye’ Island Labels

beautiful Near Mint/Mint to NM UK first pressing of Traffic’s self-titled second album, on Island Records, with the earliest textured …more


$225.00 US

Traffic & Cat Stevens – 1970 Fillmore East Concert Program

A rare original concert program for Traffic’s concerts with special guests Cat Stevens in November, 1970 at New York’s legendary Fillmore East.   The program is 16 pages and includes band bios, photos, and great …more


$125.00 US

U2 – Vintage Bono Photograph by Steve Rapport

A vintage photograph of Bono in the 1980’s, by British photographer Steve Rapport.  This 8″ x 10″ print has Rapport’s studio label on the back, and handwritten title and negative number.  As a vintage print, it …more


$100.00 US

Van Der Graaf Generator – UK 1st Pressing “Pawn Hearts” With Pink Scroll Charisma Label, Insert, in Mint Condition

beautiful NM–/Mint to NM UK first pressing of Van Der Graaf Generator’s Pawn Hearts on Charisma Records, with the earliest pink …more


$275.00 US

Van Morrison – Master Tape of Unreleased 1975 Studio Album (9 Completely Uncirculated Studio Tracks)

An impossibly rare master tape of rough-mixes for Van Morrison’s legendary unreleased 1975 studio album.  In the 42 years since these recordings were made, no copies have surfaced and the music remains …more


$10,000.00 US

Velvet Underground – 1969 MGM Records Promotional Sticker

A very rare Velvet Underground promotional sticker made by MGM Records to promote the band’s 1969 self-titled 3rd album. This comes from the collection of the Velvet’s late guitarist, Sterling Morrison. The …more


$50.00 US

Velvet Underground – 1970 Concert Poster / Paramount Theatre, Springfield, Mass.

A beautiful original concert poster advertising a January, 1970 show by The Velvet Underground at The Paramount Theatre in Springfield, Mass.  Designed by promoter Steve Nelson, this is one of the few Velvets …more


$2,750.00 US

Velvet Underground – Hardcover 1st Edition “Andy Warhol’s Index Book”

A scarce first edition hardbound copy of Andy Warhol’s Index (Book,) with the holographic cover and including a still-attached Velvet Underground record.  Warhol’s 1967 Index (Book) was an adventurous and …more


$800.00 US

Velvet Underground – Original ’68 Andy Warhol Factory Photograph by Billy Name


An extremely rare original photograph of the Velvet Underground, circa 1968, probably at Andy Warhol’s Factory, and taken by Factory photographer Billy Name. This is a rare vintage print, with …more


$4,000.00 US


Velvet Underground & Andy Warhol – Original Signed Photograph by Factory Photographer Billy Name

A beautiful original photograph of The Velvet Underground with Nico, Andy Warhol, Mary Woronov and Gerard Malanga at Warhol’s Silver Factory in 1966, taken by longtime Warhol associate and Factory photographer …more


$2,500.00 $2,000.00 US

Velvet Underground, Grateful Dead, Fugs – Ultra Rare 1969 Concert Poster, AOR 3.160

An ultra rare concert poster advertising two shows featuring the almost unbelievable lineup of the Grateful Dead, The Velvet Underground, and The Fugs, on February 7, 1969 at the Stanley Theatre …more


$4,500.00 US

Willie Dixon – Original Album Cover Photograph Used For Grammy Winning “Hidden Charms” Album

The original photograph used on the cover of Willie Dixon’s 1988 Grammy-Winning album Hidden Charms.

This exact 16″ x 20″ print of photographer Marc Norberg’s portrait of Dixon was used by …more


$500.00 US


Woody Guthrie – Typed and Handwritten Song List for Songbook

A list of fifty folk and original songs, typed and hand-annotated by Woody Guthrie, presumably for a songbook.  Woody lists 50 favorite songs from his repertoire, including virtually all his …more

$4,500.00 $3,000.00 US

Yardbirds, David Bowie, Small Faces Etc. – 1966 Marquee Club Handbill

A very rare handbill from London’s legendary Marquee Club, advertising shows during March 1966 featuring The Yardbirds (with Jeff Beck), David Bowie & The Buzz, the Small Faces, the Spencer Davis Group (with …more


$250.00 US